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Braskem Launches New Grade of Polypropylene Resin to Increase Big Bag Production

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In the search for solutions that increase productivity and reduce the costs of clients who produce big bags (used for packing and transporting grains, fertilizers, ores, and chemicals), has developed the new DP213A polypropylene resin, the new grade of the Maxio line. With its application, companies in the segment have increased their production by 30% without increasing their energy consumption.
DP213A Polypropylene Resin: Low Melt Flow IndexDP213A is a resin with a low melt flow index containing anti-UV additive. The raw material was specially developed to meet the high level of requirement of the clients in relation to mechanical properties of the raffia tape and guarantee benefits of increased productivity at the extrusion stage.
"Most of Braskem's innovations are based on our interest in meeting the demands of clients, and the development of this new Maxio line is a good example of this. We have identified a fierce competition in the raffia sector, which has led companies to compete on the basis of prices. By applying the resin that we are now launching, they will be able to reduce their operating costs and the prices of their big bags, increasing their production capacity and consuming less energy," said Carolina Bulhões, Leader of the Application Engineering area at Braskem.
The development of products that make up the Maxio line is something that is in line with Braskem's commitment to promoting sustainability in the plastics chain. In November 2018, the company defined a series of global initiatives to boost the Circular Economy, including partnering with customers in the design of new products to expand and facilitate the recycling and reuse of plastic packaging, particularly those for single use.
Production Capacity Increased by 20% for PropexPropex, a textile company pioneering in the manufacture of laminated fabrics and a highlight in the production of big bags, has reported an increase of approximately 20% in its production capacity. According to the company's engineer, Patrick Camargo, the goal was to reach greater speed in the extrusion machines without causing the engines to reach their operational limits, and the resin DP213A presented by Braskem was the best solution for that.
"Braskem's ongoing pursuit of solutions that improve customer efficiency has provided us with great results. We have increased our production without consuming more energy, preserving our machines and maintaining the quality of our products," claimed the executive.

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Publication date: 28/02/2019

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