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Veolia claims 'personal best' for marathon recycling

The April 28 London Marathon cleanup has seen the collection of 350,000 plastic bottles for reprocessing, according to waste management company Veolia UK.
Responsible for cleaning up a large part of the city after the marathon, including the City of London, Westminster and Tower Hamlets, Veolia said it has set a new “personal record” with the collection rate.
The company said it deployed more than 40 vehicles and 120 staff for the operation and cleared the streets of London in six hours to safely reopen them.
All of the plastic bottles collected will be recycled, according to the waste management firm.
“We’re proud to be recycling so many plastic bottles in the [City of London], and this year we are rolling out 10 new water refill points, bringing the total to 17,” said Jeremy Simons, chair of the City of London Corp.’s environmental services committee. 
London Marathon 2019 saw more than 40,000 participants taking part in the 26.2-mile race.

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Publication date: 29/04/2019

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