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Nature’s Path Organic Foods joins TerraCycle’s Loop program

Nature’s Path Organic Foods (Richmond, BC) announced its partnership with TerraCycle’s Loop program, a circular zero-waste model by which consumer goods containers are re-used numerous times through a shop, use, return, clean and refill program. This continuous cycle of reuse and refill aims to address our waste crisis and the overuse of our planet’s resources, said the information from Nature’s Path.

As the program launches in New York this month, Nature’s Path will be introducing its organic Pumpkin Flax Granola with plans to expand its product offerings as Loop enters other North American markets over the next year.

“Nature’s Path is a pioneering company, so testing new methods to benefit people and the planet is part of our spirit,” said Arran Stephens, co-founder and co-CEO of Nature’s Path. “We were the first certified organic cereal and granola company in North America, so for us to be the first organic food company partner on the Loop platform makes perfect sense.”

TerraCycle’s Loop program was in January of this year. The Loop model is made possible through the commitment of its founding brand partners, such as Nature’s Path, to develop a more circular supply chain from packaging design to manufacturing through to consumer use. Nature’s Path estimates that 100 reuses of one reusable jar of its granola will save over nine pounds of waste generated from 100 [paperboard] boxes of granola, said Nature’s Path.

The reusable jar is made from Eastman’s BPA-free Tritan co-polyester that provides clarity, impact strength and other market-specific performance advantages needed by TerraCycle’s Loop program to make this part of the circular economy a success.

“Nature’s Path has a history of innovation and we are always trying to push the envelope in terms of sustainability,” said Jyoti Stephens, daughter of the founders of Nature’s Path. “We’re deeply committed to reducing our impact on the planet, so [TerraCycle’s] Loop is a natural fit for us to continue on that journey.”

Publication date: 28/05/2019

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