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More safety and efficiency with the U&G disposable blades by CMG

The characteristics of the U&G blades represent a great advantage for the users who, due to the high workloads, must sharpen the blades of the granulators very very frequently. This innovation completes the high technological content of CMG granulators, able to operate according to the parameters of Industry 4.0: the company is certified according to the most recent industrial protocols. In fact, the granulator is able to coordinate its operation with that of the plastic processing machine. Thanks to the interface based on OPC-UA systems, the granulator is operated only when needed, saving energy and wear; it is also possible, through PLC controls, to implement this solution in an entire plant.

These are the results of forty years of experience gained in the field by CMG, active since 1979 in its Headquarters in Budrio (Bologna) in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products, ranging from small granulators for injection moulding applications, to the most advanced ATEX solutions for the automotive industry, from the line of granulators and dust separators for PET applications in packaging (blown bottles and thermoforming) to large granulators and shredders for post-consumer recovery of plastic materials. 

Shredder Rotor Shredder Rotor - High Precision Cut "The today's manufacturing system has profoundly changed, and we can also see this in the recycling field, which, if yesterday was essentially aimed at the disposal of waste, is today assimilated within a circuit linked to the circular economy, aimed at re-use, with treatment methods that are therefore very different from those of a decade ago - said Giorgio Santella, General Manager of CMG - We therefore need machinery that allows us to reduce the product to a size that can be processed, to then be returned to the production cycle, enhance the substance. In this context, therefore, the range of our disposable blades is inserted, only available from CMG, because they are not applicable to a typical design of the traditional cutting chamber, but only ours with its proprietary geometry".

EV616 Supergranulator EV916 Supergranulator These blades are used on large size granulators (over 1000 kg / h), where they find the right place in terms of productivity and cost reduction. In fact, in a large-sized chamber, in general, a certain number of rows of blades can be installed, each of which is composed of 3 or 4 high-quality steel knives of 15 kg each, with a total weight therefore that reaches rather high values ??and risks, linked to the movement of very sharp blades, not to be overlooked. Moreover, we also need a planned maintenance and sharpening plan that must be strictly respected (sometimes every three days, with the related plant stops), or a drastic deterioration in the quality of the work.

EV916: Cutting chamber and transmission EV916: Transmission "Our U&G disposable blades, with their very small dimensions, installed on the N60-100, S60-160, EV616 and EV916 models, weigh 300 grams, with a clear reduction in weight and an increase in the operating period between the replacement of the blades: this operation which, among other things, takes less than an hour. The worn U&G blades, being made anyway with a noble steel, are then recycled. The peculiarity of all this lies in the fact that, since the blade is very thin and light, it becomes necessary to position the blade in the carrier clamp so that it does not suffer a stress on the body, but only that, clearly smaller, linked to the cutting action".

Granulation system for thermoforming application CMG is the only company to have positioned the rotating blades in all its granulators, from the smallest to the largest, the closest possible to the circle of rotation and with a relative incidence, between the fixed and the mobile blades, specifically designed so that the operation impact is directed appropriately, with a tangential cut instead of the parallel one – the latter is common with the conventional systems from alternative suppliers.

Application sectorsCMG has always made quality, innovation and special attention to the needs of each individual customer its strengths, operating today in six sectors of the plastics industry: in thermoforming, with continuous and mono-station applications, in the extrusion of sheets, film, pipe and profiles, in packaging blow-molding, tanks and fittings, in injection molding of bumpers, dashboards, lights, manifolds, PET preforms, PVC fittings, electrical equipment, boxes and bins, in recycling in-house and post-consumer with the exclusive design of the U&G disposable blades and in grinding and recovery systems for cables (plastic and copper).

With over twenty thousand units installed at customers in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia, CMG has become an international benchmark for the quality and reliability of its solutions, chosen and appreciated by a multitude of machinery manufacturers for processing plastic materials. Furthermore, with the introduction of electronics and the advent of Industry 4.0, CMG was a forerunner in the development of advanced solutions for energy saving, operational efficiency and integration in the production chain, with all the modern units produced that are configured as Cyber ??Physical Systems, responding to the technological requirements necessary to satisfy the dictates of the fourth industrial revolution.

Thermoforming granulator in sound enclosure Regrind conveying and dedusting system

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