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Agilyx joins AmSty, Ineos Styrolution and Trinseo in push for circular PS

Four leading players in polystyrene production and recycling have initiated a Non-Disclosure Agreement to explore and optimize advanced recycling technologies for polystyrene, such as depolymerization.

Previously, AmSty, Ineos Styrolution and Trinseo signed a joint development agreement designed to advance the circularity of polystyrene through the development and refinement of large-scale commercial recycling solutions.

As Randy Pogue, President and Chief Executive Officer, AmSty, noted, the companies were thus clearly signing, in particular to companies along the value chain in a circular economy, a serious intent to pursue circularity for polystyrene.

With the addition of  chemical recycling pioneer Agilyx, that initial trio has now become a quartet. But: “Recycling of plastics is a challenge that crosses company barriers,” said Alexander Glück, of Ineos Styrolution. “Cooperation will be key to successful implementation and further development of recycling programs.”

Agylix’s approach builds upon the intrinsic properties of polystyrene to allow the production of even food grade material from polystyrene post-consumer waste.

“It is encouraging to see the industry coming together to accelerate the circularity of polystyrene,” said Tim Stedman, CEO of Agilyx. “Polystyrene is an ideally suited material to achieve circularity, something we at Agilyx have an expertise in fulfilling.”

“Polystyrene is an ideal material for the recycling future, and it’s a strong sign that this group of companies has agreed to drive this future,” concluded Nicolas Joly, Vice President Plastics & Feedstocks, Trinseo

Publication date: 01/10/2020

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