1. Dismantling and sorting

Cost-effective dismantling and sorting of ELV plastics at ATFs

2. Obtaining ELV recycled plastics

Obtaining ELV recycled plastics with improved properties

3.Validating the recycling

Validating the recycling open and closed loops


4. Industrial feasibility

Demonstrating industrial feasibility of new recycled materials & products

5. Ensuring the sustainability

Ensuring the sustainability of the new ELV management business model

6. Transferring the model

Replicating and transferring the model to other region & stakeholders



Last 31/03/2020, despite COVID19 exceptional circumstances, all CIRC-ELV partners attended the 18th month meeting from their homes. It was a productive meeting to know the latest project...

New Method of Recycling Plastics from End-of-Life Vehicles Reduces Carbon Footprint by 75%

The LIFE CIRC-ELV project will enable development of a new business model in the European Union for recycling plastics from end-of-life vehicles.

In accordance with Directive 2000/53/EC o...

This project has been co-funded with the support of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union [LIFE17 ENV/ES/000438] Life programme

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