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Austrian packaging producer invests EUR 50m in recycling

Austrian packaging producer invests EUR 50m in recyclingAlpla CEO Günther Lehner (Photo: Alpla)Packaging manufacturer Alpla (Hard / Austria; has announced it will make EUR 50m available for expanding recycling activities. The company also has commitments for all its packaging to be recyclable by 2025 and the increased use of post-consumer recycled materials rising to 25% of total material usage by 2025. To reduce material consumption, the packaging specialist plans to introduce at least three lightweight packaging solutions each year. CEO Günther Lehner says, "We want to play an active role in paving the way towards an efficient circular economy in the packaging industry."
Alpla is one of the companies that signed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's (Cowes / UK; global commitment on plastic packaging waste ? see of 02.11.2018. The Austrian company is also invested in rPET, with its subsidiary PET Recycling Team (PRT, Wöllersdorf / Austria; and a PET recycling partnership with Fromm (Cham / Switzerland; that was set up this summer ? see of 12.07.2018.08.11.2018 [241048-0]

Publication date: 08/11/2018


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