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93% British public want recycled content in plastic bottles, research finds

Around 93% of the people in the UK believe that plastic bottles should contain recycled content, according to a new research conducted by resource management company Veolia.Making the case for recycled content in plastic bottles, the research revealed that a majority of the British population are inclined to shell out an average of 2.5p more for bottles containing recycled material.The survey results were published in a new report titled ‘Plan For Plastics’, which was unveiled by Veolia and plastics experts RECOUP.
Some 55% of public believe the composition of a bottle should predominantly comprise recycled content.Currently, plastic bottles and packaging generally are made of less than 15% recycled content, which is much below the expectations of people.The report has outlined three steps to enhance the environmental performance of plastics in the UK.These include simplifying recycling, standardising packaging, and increasing the amount of recycled content in new products.“The British public have told us they expect plastic bottles to be made of recycled content.”Veolia chief technology and innovation officer Richard Kirkman said: “The British public have told us they expect plastic bottles to be made of recycled content. We see 50% recycled content for plastic bottles and 30% for plastic packaging as realistic ambitions for every manufacturer to aim for within the next ten years.“When more packaging is both recyclable and made from recycled material, it will be the shift needed for recycled plastic to become mainstream.”The company has unveiled plans to invest £1bn in recycling and recovery infrastructure in the country over the next five years.RECOUP CEO Stuart Foster said: “There is more focus on plastic and sustainability than ever before, and that needs to be matched with action and progress.“With circular economy and extended producer responsibility currently under debate, this is the ideal time to acknowledge the key issues and challenge current thinking.”87% of the respondents in the survey think plastic bottles should be recycled in the UK.Veolia is urging manufacturers and the British government to clear the hurdles to help improve recycling rates in the country.

Publication date: 21/09/2018


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