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Launch of bio-based TPVs / ?Levapren? high-viscosity EVM grades offer easy processing

Launch of bio-based TPVs / ?Levapren? high-viscosity EVM grades offer easy processingArlanxeo (Maastricht / The Netherlands; has developed thermoset rubber compounds and thermoplastic vulcanisates (TPVs) that combine its ?Keltan? bio-based EPDM with green fillers, plasticisers and thermoplastics. The resulting EPDM products contain up to 90% sustainable ingredients but with no loss of technical performance compared to standard EPDM compounds, Arlanxeo said.
According to the Dutch group, Keltan Eco is the world?s first bio-based EPDM rubber that is made from ethylene extracted from sugarcane. The proportion of bio-based material ranges between 50% and 70%, depending on the ethylene content.
Arlanxeo said studies have shown that the characteristics and technical performance of Keltan Eco grades are identical to those of conventional EPDMs made via Ziegler-Natta catalysis and/or from monomers derived from crude oil. The bio-based EPDM grades are already being used in a variety of applications.
?We can now identify potential partners to (co-)develop these innovative bio-TPVs. TPVs using Keltan Eco EPDM offer an excellent opportunity to replace regular thermoset rubber compounds and thermoplastic vulcanisates. These bio-based TPVs can make a significant contribution to the circular economy, scoring well in a cradle-to-cradle approach and helping to lower the carbon footprint,? said Niels van der Aar, Arlanxeo?s business development manager for EPDM/NBR.
Separately, Arlanxeo has launched ?Levapren? PXL, a high-viscosity ethylene vinyl acetate rubber (also called EVM), for use in hoses, cable sheathings and floor coverings. ?LevaprenPXL can be processed quickly and easily in various mixing procedures; extrudates show very good surface quality,? says Jörg Stumbaum, technical manager at Arlanxeo?s High Performance Elastomers business unit.
He noted that the precrosslinked rubber can efficiently disperse reinforcing fillers, such as highly active carbon blacks. This results in a higher tensile strength than conventional EVM grades and a significantly reduced tack and adhesion to metal.
Arlanxeo added that the free-flowing granules are also suitable for those rubber and plastics processors that have continuous mixing processes and were previously unable to use Levapren. Levapren 500 PXL, 600 PXL, 700 PXL and 800 PXL variants, which have a vinyl acetate content ranging between 50% and 80%, have been available since early 2018.24.07.2018 [240147-0]

Publication date: 24/07/2018


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