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Homogenised recyclate for Dutch manufacturer of plastic pallets and walls

Homogenised recyclate for Dutch manufacturer of plastic pallets and wallsNTM is taking charge of homogenisation and transport of recycled plastic (Photo: SHT)Due to inconsistencies in the properties of its recycled plastic resins, pallets and walls manufacturer Profextru Productie (Hardenberg / The Netherlands; incurred considerable effort to maintain a stable product quality. The Dutch processor has thus commissioned material preparation and logistics company Nederlandse Transport Maatschappij (NTM, Hardenberg / The Netherlands;, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sievert Handel Transporte (SHT, Lengerich / Germany;, to store and homogenise the material supplied in large-volume bags.
NTM is now transporting and homogenising 30 t of resin per week, delivering it on demand in silo vehicles to Profextru's nearby production site. NTM first sends a sample from each bag delivered to Profextru. Only then does the service provider place it in storage in a warehouse that can accommodate 400 t of pallets. Upon receiving an order from Profextru, NTM makes up targeted mixtures from the stored plastics that have the desired properties such as a specific colour.
SHT has only fairly recently become active in the plastics industry. After investing about EUR 1m in equipment 2017, the company is now able to offer services such as ensiling and re-ensiling resin as well as storing, picking and labelling products.20.09.2018 [240676-0]

Publication date: 20/09/2018


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