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Mitsubishi buying 25% stake in UK carbon fibre reprocessing business

Mitsubishi Corp. (MC) has entered into an agreement to acquire 25% of shares in ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd (ECF), a Coseley, UK-based business specialised in carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) recycling.

Part of ELG Carbon Fibre International GmbH (ECFI), a subsidiary of ELG Haniel GmbH (ELG), ECF reprocesses surplus CFRP materials from manufacturing operations and end of life parts to produce and supply high-quality carbon fibre products to the market. 

The company is the first to have established stable commercial production of reprocessed carbon fibre supplying to markets such as the automotive and electronics industries, according to a 14-Dec statement by Mitsubishi.

Under the agreement, Mitsubishi will promote the sales and marketing of ECF products through its channels which are already engaged in the business of plastic resin sales.

The move is part of a bid by Mitsubishi to advance recycling technologies in Japan, where OEMs’ demand for lightweight materials is on the rise.

Producing almost 70% of the global supply of carbon fibre reinforced materials, Japan is a leader in the technology.

Recycling technologies, however, have not developed at the same pace, Mitsubishi noted in its statement.

“This agreement will… provide resources to support our expansion, whilst strengthening ECF’s access to key transportation markets within Asia and North America,” said Frazer Barnes, managing director of ELG Carbon Fibre.

Publication date: 14/12/2018

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