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Carbiolice and Carbios close agreement with Novozymes  

Carbiolice and its main shareholder Carbios have signed a joint development agreement with Denmark-based Novozymes, a global producer of enzymes, for the production and supply of enzymes for the manufacture of self-biodegradable PLA plastics.

Under the terms of this multi-year agreement, Novozymes will upscale and implement the production process of Carbios’ proprietary enzyme, and commit to becoming a long term, exclusive supplier of these PLA-degrading enzymes. The collaboration aims to make single-use plastics environmentally-friendly and cost competitive.

Nadia Auclair, CEO of Carbiolice

Carbiolice has successfully created an innovative, unique and universal green solution for plastics based on PLA called Evanesto. Combining its expertise in compounding, formulation and process development with the enzyme technology developed by Carbios, Carbiolice has demonstrated that home composting can become a viable end-of-life option for PLA.

Used as a masterbatch, Evanesto, the company’s powerful new enzymatic additive, will make PLA polymer compostable under domestic conditions. It will ensure a responsible end of life for single-use plastic based on PLA and PLA derivatives while helping to achieve the goal of zero waste.

Committed to sustainable development and circular economy, Carbiolice now in a position to scale up its enzymated technology Evanesto and accelerate market adoption through strong collaborations with industrials. The range of commercial applications include single-use plastics for grocery and retail bags, rigid and flexible packaging for dairy applications, over industrial food, disposable tableware and agricultural mulch films.

Jens Kolind, VP Technical Industries at Novozymes, explained that biological solutions holds sustainable answers to some of the biggest challenges of our time. “We are excited to be in this joint collaboration to find enzymatic solutions to the end of life of PLA plastics.”

Nadia Auclair, CEO of Carbiolice added: “The market of single-use plastics raises major environmental concerns and the sustainable and inventive approach, through our exclusive license from Carbios, is now opening huge opportunities to fulfil industrials and consumers demand while fighting the threat of plastic pollution. This major agreement with Novozymes secures our long-term supply of enzymes to move from traditional manufacturing to sustainable solutions that meet strong market demand. Today, we are proud to make of our solution an industrial and commercial reality.”

Jean-Claude Lumaret, CEO of Carbios commented that the company was proud of this partnership with Novozymes. “It gives Carbiolice the strength to launch at large-scale the most advanced eco-friendly solution for the biodegradation of single-use plastics based on PLA,” he said



Publication date: 30/01/2019

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