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Domo recycled polyamides win Frost & Sullivan accolade

Domo Chemicals’ recycled polyamide resins (PA6 and PA66) have been recognised by Frost & Sullivan consulting firm.

In its latest analysis of the European post-industrial feedstock (PIF)-based polyamides market, the consulting firm awarded Domo its 2018 European product line strategy leadership accolade.

The award recognises the ‘customisability of solutions, greener profile, and cost-efficiency’ of the polymers, Domo said in a 26 Feb release.

Headquartered in Leuna, Germany, Domo’s engineering plastics business unit manufactures virgin PA resin grades under the brand name Domamid, primarily for the automotive, E&E, as well as industrial and consumer goods.

The company also produces recycled polyamide polymers based of PIF under the brand name Econamid.

“Domo’s Econamid range of recycled polyamides is based on sustainable feedstock derived either from film manufacturing or from fibre and yarn manufacturing. The company has successfully implemented a closed-loop system and has effectively developed a circular economy model,” explained Gautam Rashingkar, senior research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Depending on the applications and the desired level of physical properties, Domo can provide polyamides that are unfilled, mineral filled, glass-fibre filled, or carbon-fibre filled, Rashingkar added.

In addition to its environmental achievements, Domo has also maintained an “uninterrupted supply of consistent-quality resins” for technical applications.

The German supplier claims to have “strategically secured feedstock sources and established reliable, long-term supply agreements for quality post-industrial, pre-consumer feedstock from fibre and film production.”

Moreover, due to growing demand for its Econamid and Domamid ranges in Europe, Domo is planning to increase production capacity at its facility in Premnitz Germany.

“These infrastructure upgrades, along with a well-developed product mix, strong technical experience, and 360-degree customer service, have helped the company gain an edge in the recycled polyamides market,” the Frost & Sullivan analyst added.

Publication date: 27/02/2019

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