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Motortec Automechanika Madrid, more open and international

David Moneo, head of the IFEMA Mobility and Motor area, calls the figures for Motortec Automechanika Madrid “fantastic, as we will increase the surface area occupied in 2017 by 7-8%, with almost an extra 5,000 m2 with the same pavilions”.

“We have made better use of the spaces that connect the pavilions together. We have also surpassed the number of exhibitors from the previous edition, which in the end will be between 665 and 670”, says Moneo. Regarding visitors, he notes: “We are confident that we will beat the 57,000 that came to the previous edition, which is the result of better communication made suitably in advance, as well as a calendar of seminars and forums that will attract professional visitors”.

In terms of international reach, Moneo adds: “We have always worked closely with Portugal and we have now reached agreements with the associations ACAP and Anecra, which have helped to promote the event. We therefore expect a higher number of visitors from our neighbouring country. Unlike other editions, we have reached agreements with publications in France, Italy, Morocco and Tunisia. We’re used to seeing news about Equip Auto or Autopromotec in the Spanish specialist press, but this was not the case for Motortec in the media in those countries”.

Moneo goes on to add: “We have a higher number of foreign visitors than our counterpart fairs in France and Italy. Automechanika has really helped to establish us and, at the same time, given us a certain quality and professionalism that is endorsed by the brand. We are in the top three Automechanikas out of a total of 17, taking into account the mutual promotion that is carried out between one another. We receive contacts from Istanbul, Moscow and Shanghai, from companies that want to receive more information about Motortec. International presence at Motortec has been on the up since the economic crisis”.

Diverse fields

The director of Automotive Events at IFEMA alludes to the fair’s receptiveness to diverse fields: “In recent years, also thanks to the work of my predecessors, we have broadened the focus to industrial vehicles (with the MotorTruck space), to distributors and networks of pneumatic workshops, to fleets, which represent customers that are aftersales consumers, and to the circular economy, to which we would like to give more visibility. For 2021, I would like to consolidate and globalise all this content and, at the same time, develop aftersales for motorbikes, agricultural vehicles, which are already featured at Motortec, and public works”.

Moneo holds relations with associations in high regard. “We have incorporated Faconauto [its congress was held on 11 and 12 February at IFEMA with the participation of the management of Motortec] as one of the associations responsible for promoting Motortec’s message. This relationship will provide us both with value. We want to re-establish the network of authorised dealers of official services for the fair. New projects and agreements are emerging with SERNAUTO (Spanish Association of Automotive Industry Suppliers) for original equipment. Ancera is becoming more and more involved with the fair every year and is engaged in selling our project. AERVI has been key in developing the content on industrial vehicles. And in terms of workshops, Conepa, Asetra and Cetraa, as well as the Catalan Federation of Workshops have opened their doors to us”.

Publication date: 07/03/2019


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