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Position paper defends PVC packaging / Call for support to improve collection and recycling

Position paper defends PVC packaging / Call for support to improve collection and recyclingVFSE president Roberto Bozzi (Photo: EuPC)In a recently published position paper, industry association Vinyl Films and Sheets Europe (VFSE, Brussels / Belgium; has defended the use of PVC packaging in a circular economy and is calling for support to improve collection and recycling systems. VFSE was established as an independent organisation by the association European Plastics Converters (EuPC, Brussels / Belgium; in 2017 ? see of 16.03.2017.
The organisation cited ?Le Pacte National sur les emballages plastiques?, France?s national pact on plastic packaging ? see of 13.03.2019 ? which referred to PVC as an ?uncommon plastic? and the origin of problematic waste, as well as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation?s (EMF Cowes / UK; ?unfortunate? perception that ignores the polymer?s important contribution to the medical and food packaging sectors. ?Despite all the advantages offered by the high performance of PVC, its use in packaging is proposed to be restricted in favour of other plastics, for which some collection and sorting systems are in place, and which therefore are considered recyclable,? commented VFSE president Roberto Bozzi. VFSE also pointed out that the current circular economy approach overlooks the ability of plastic packaging to prevent food waste, which it said is estimated at 88m t in the EU-28 states, 20% of all food produced. The association called the recommendation to restrict the use of PVC packaging ?unjustified and fraught with consequences,? adding that it would increase food waste and costs as well as the use of resources, such as water and energy.
Although mechanical recycling of PVC cling film is feasible within existing systems, VFSE said much remains to be done in treating post-consumer waste. It added that it is willing to talk with interested stakeholders to develop adequate collection systems that allow the recycling of PVC packaging.25.04.2019 [242307-0]

Publication date: 25/04/2019


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