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Poland Spring to use 100% recycled plastic by 2022

Poland Spring (Poland Spring, ME) announced on June 3 that it has started transitioning packaging of its 100% natural spring water to recycled plastic (rPET). It plans to be the first major bottled water brand to reach 100% recycled plastic across its still water portfolio by 2022. This month, the brand’s 1-L bottles will begin to be made using 100% rPET. Poland Spring is a portfolio brand of Nestlé Waters North America (Stamford, CT).

In April, the brand launched a premium offering, Poland Spring Origin in 900-ml bottles, which are also made entirely of recycled plastic. It is the first leading American premium bottled spring water sustainably sourced from the White Cedar Spring in Maine. In April of this year, Poland Spring Origin was made available to consumers across the United States for the first time on Amazon in a 12-pack of 900-ml bottles and also through ReadyRefresh Nestle delivery. 

New Poland Spring Origin is “thoughtfully designed with a beautiful and ergonomic bottle that delivers a premium experience,” said the company news release. Additionally, the bottle is made from other bottles and contains 100% food-grade recycled plastic. 

“As a company, we’ve already put our stake in the ground when it comes to taking the ‘single’ out of ‘single-use’ plastic bottles,” said Fernando Mercé, President and CEO of Nestlé Waters North America. “As we begin to transform Poland Spring, our most iconic brand, to 100% recycled plastic packaging we will begin to bring this commitment to life for our consumers in a tangible way. Bottles like these, which are made from 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable, are proof that a fully circular economy is within our reach.”

While Poland Spring’s current packaging is predominately made using PET plastic, which is 100% recyclable, the company views its push toward using more recycled materials to be the next phase in making its packaging more sustainable and addressing the issue of plastic waste. Using recycled plastic helps keep plastic out of landfills and oceans, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared with using virgin plastic, according to the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

With recycling rates in the United States hovering around 30%, Poland Spring recognizes that in order to fulfill its commitment to use recycled plastic in its packaging, it must also invest in initiatives that help plastic bottles get back in the recycling bin in the first place, said the company. That’s why Poland Spring, along with its parent company, is collaborating with organizations like Closed Loop Fund to help increase recycling infrastructure. The brand is also expanding How2Recycle labels across all of its packaging, to remind consumers to empty the bottle, replace the cap and recycle when they’re done.

“To achieve a circular economy, we as brand owners need to inspire people to think and act differently when it comes to plastic,” said David Tulauskas, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Nestlé Waters North America. “I cannot think of a more meaningful way to connect with our consumers than to bring to market a more sustainable bottle that they themselves helped to create simply by recycling.”

Publication date: 04/06/2019

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