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Carbon fiber reinforced PA compounds based on recyclate have diverse roles in auto, aerospace

With a focus on the use of composites and new materials in the aeronautic and automotive sectors, Domo Engineering Plastics presented its portfolio of Econamid polyamide (PA) polymers based on valuable post-production feedstock, at the AEROCAR Final Event in Spain in June.

Econamid PA composites are based on 100 percent upcycled polyamide feedstock from nylon fiber yarn and film production waste and recycled carbon fibers.The Econamid Air range of carbon fiber reinforced PA6, PA66 and PA66/6 compounds reportedly provides enhanced sustainability and comparable performance over conventional virgin competing materials. With a carbon fiber content of up to 50 percent, Econamid Air combines outstanding stiffness with low density for a wide range of cost-effective and lightweighting designs in demanding application areas, such as automotive, industrial and sports.

Econamid Air is said to be the ecological choice where carbon filled polyamide compounds are needed. Their proprietary technology combines 100 percent upcycled polyamide feedstock from nylon fiber yarn and film production waste with high-quality recycled carbon fibers. The resulting PA 6, PA 66 and PA66/6 materials enable a significant reduction of CO2 emissions without compromising mechanical properties. A comprehensive life cycle study has also revealed a superior eco-balance for Econamid over virgin PA in terms of water consumption and non-renewable energy used.

The carbon fiber content also provides reduced surface and volume resistivity for various different levels of electrical conductivity, from anti-static and static dissipation properties to high electrical conductivity. These additional properties can be used by OEM and TIER in the development of connectors, fuel filtering components, LIDAR, camera housings and electronic components.

“As mobility continues to play a major role in sustainable economic growth, OEMs and suppliers are faced with increasing demands from regulators and consumers to reduce its environmental impact”, says Sergio Moriano, Global Business Line Director Composites at Domo Engineering Plastics. “Lightweighting has been key in cutting the fuel consumption of combustion vehicles as well as extending the range of electric vehicles and reducing overall CO2 emissions.

However, further eco-improvements require engineering materials that will also provide a more environmental mass balance based on recycled feedstock in a circular plastics economy. This is where our Econamid Air compounds have a perfect strategic fit.”

Besides excellent stiffness and electrical conductivity, Econamid Air compounds offer high tensile and impact strength comparable to virgin PA with prime carbon fibers. In addition, they also provide enhanced tribological properties, high heat deflection temperature, and excellent flame retardancy. Many of DOMO’s advanced Econamid material solutions are custom-developed in close collaboration with business partners. The product offering is complemented by specialized prototyping and simulation services, helping engineers design high-performance, aesthetic and safer applications with minimized environmental impact.

Publication date: 03/07/2019

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