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New PHA platform reaches membership milestone - Bio-based News -

GO!PHA, the Global Organization for PHA is a member-driven, non-profit initiative with as aim to accelerate the development of the PHA-platform industry. The platform looks to be filling a need: one month after its official incorporation on July 13, 2019, its membership has already grown to 25.

As part of the GO!PHA policy and advocacy program and the recent dialogues with representatives of the European Commission, GO!PHA has announced it will publish a series of white papers to inform policy makers and other stakeholders about the benefits and potential of PHAs. The first white paper, authored by PHA expert Jan Ravenstijn, focuses on the bio-benign nature of PHA, which is a crucial element of the future success of PHAs in different end-markets.

Ravenstijn notes that “during the last 20-30 years dozens of initiatives from all over the world have been started to make PHA materials useful for durable and structural applications as an alternative to the chemically synthesized polymers and by mimicking nature in a consistent way.

A large variety of suitable micro-organisms are being used to convert many different feedstock sources, like gas, liquid or solid waste streams. After-use value chains are being created for several waste streams this way, resulting in a contribution to the circular economy.”

The full paper, and future GO!PHA white papers can be accessed at

To engage a larger audience and to share perspectives, GO!PHA will host a monthly open information meeting and discussion forum on PHA related matters. and invites a wide audience to join the next meeting on September 4th at 09:00 and 17:00 CEST. Go to for all dial-in details.

Source: Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2019-08-16.

Publication date: 02/09/2019

Bio-based News

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