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A novelty from Illig: IML-T® Cardboard

ILLIG Maschinenbau is leading the way once again by unveiling its innovative IML-T® Cardboard, a plastic-cardboard combination packaging, designed with recycling in mind. This innovative application can be produced on ILLIG IML-T® machines. The advantage of the newly designed packaging, developed specifically for the new circular-economy market demands, is the reduction of plastic and simplified sorting for simplified recycling.

The IML-T® Cardboard application can be produced on existing ILLIG thermoforming systems with an IML unit. That means packaging specialists that already own an ILLIG IML-T® machine line can produce the new packaging without having to first invest in a new machine. All that is needed is a tool set with the required packaging design. The IML unit, which is connected to the thermoforming machine, extracts the cardboard labels with the pre-printed decoration on them from the magazine and places them into the forming tool's cavities before the forming process begins. The end product is a cup or tray with a fully new design concept.

Another advantage of the IML-T® technology is that it lets you use a different pre-printed label for each cavity, and changing production is also quick and easy. Combined with the high productivity typical of ILLIG thermoforming systems, production of resource-efficient and sustainable packaging is thus possible.

Designed for recycling and sustainabilityThe key concept driving the development of this innovation was an ecodesign and a package that could easily be recycled. With this development, ILLIG stays true to its identity as an innovation leader in thermoforming.

The advantage of the IML-T® Cardboard packaging is its very thin-walled plastic interior (less material consumption) with an outer layer of cardboard, which increases the stability of the packaging and thus guarantees a high top-load strength. The pack can be sealed and the cardboard decorated with marketing labels on fives sides or even six sides with two-sided labeling on the bottom. Once the packaging has served its original purpose, the plastic can be easily separated from the cardboard by either the consumer or the collection center and the materials recycled. It eliminates the greatest hurdles to the circular economy by simplifying the sorting process for easy recycling. This in turn also promotes a positive brand image of the packaged product. In particular regional brands can improve their brand image with this sustainability concept.

The application is an absolute novelty, which will impact the market for decorated thermoformed packaging, especially in the premium products segment. IML-T® Cardboard is ideal for applications such as meat trays (MAP), vegetable trays, ice cream containers and frozen TV dinners, as well as packaging for delicatessen, dairy products, margarine, cream cheese, spreads, jams, jellies, cereals, pet food and non-food products.

Publication date: 28/08/2019

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