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AptarGroup partners with TerraCycle’s Loop platform

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Close survey Global dispensing, drug delivery and active packaging solutions company AptarGroup has partnered with TerraCycle’s circular shopping platform Loop.According to the agreement, AptarGroup Food + Beverage president Marc Prieur will sit on Loop’s advisory board.Using Loop’s online platform, customers can buy products in reusable packaging and have them collected, cleaned, refilled and reused, thereby eliminating disposable, single-use shipping materials.Aptar’s lotion pumps are currently used for a range of products available on Loop’s online shopping platform.
AptarGroup president and CEO Stephan Tanda said: “We are pleased to partner with TerraCycle on the Loop e-commerce platform for reusable consumer products.
“This partnership represents our vision and our customers’ vision for a more circular economy where packaging does not become waste. By joining Loop’s advisory board, and through further collaboration with the world’s leading brands, we can work together to better design products for reuse.”TerraCycle is currently operating Loop in Paris, France and various parts of New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions in the US.The company is planning to expand Loop platform to more locations, including London, Toronto, California, Germany and Tokyo in 2020.TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky said: “Aptar is a very important and strategic partner for Loop. Working with Aptar, one of the world’s leading packaging companies, to provide durable dispensing solutions to the world’s leading CPG companies is going to have a significant positive effect on the entire Loop platform.”Last week, AptarGroup partnered with Japanese bottle closures maker Nippon Closures (NCC) to cross-license technology for tethered beverage closures. Free WhitepaperSix essential ways to improve your pharmaceutical quality system Enter your details here to receive your free whitepaper.

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Publication date: 02/09/2019


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