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Rethink, Redesign your Packaging with EXTENDO® Solutions by Taghleef

Rethink, Redesign your Packaging with EXTENDO® Solutions by TaghleefEXTENDO® is the global leading portfolio for brand owners and retailers who choose to protect their food in mono-material, chlorine-free and recyclable solutions. Their unique properties which offer proved alternatives to traditional packaging structures are in line with the principles of the Circular Economy.
Specially designed to replace PVdC and acrylic coated films, EXTENDO® XFWM (former D729) is highly transparent and glossy chlorine-free film which can reduce the environmental impact of the pack while ensuring excellent protection of the product, thanks to its superior mineral oils*, aroma+, flavour+, moisture and oxygen barriers. Its excellent slip properties and wide seal range make it suitable for single-web horizontal and vertical flow wrap applications as well as for high-speed packaging machines. XFWM is ideal for dry products, biscuits, chocolate and snacks and represents the right marketing choice for brand owners who are looking for a recyclable packaging which really stands out.
EXTENDO® XRDH is a white voided OPP film with multi-functional barriers to aroma+, flavour+, mineral oil*, oxygen and light. Specially designed for cold seal applications, with medium to high barrier requirements, EXTENDO® XRDH is the perfect solution for wrapping cereals, chocolate, muesli and fruit bars thanks to its high gloss finish which provides visual appeal to the final pack while granting the adequate protection through its fully comprehensive barrier properties.
Rethink, redesign your packaging with our EXTENDO® solutions and make it easier to be recyclable. Packaging will take a completely different meaning to brand owners, to consumers and to the planet. EXTENDO® and the other Ti flexible packaging films are available in a wide range of aesthetical features. Please contact us/visit our website to find out more!

Publication date: 09/09/2019


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