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SABIC Showcases Range of Sustainable Polymer Solution at K 2019

SABIC is showcasing its ground-breaking range of sustainable solutions – designed to address some of the planet’s urgent sustainability and societal challenges – at K 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
6 Solutions to Deliver Sustainable Future and Circular Economy
Under the theme of ‘Making a World of Difference Together’, SABIC is presenting, in partnership with its customers, six dynamic installations which bring to life how its solutions can deliver a more sustainable future and circular economy.
The other experiential installations reflect key sustainability areas for SABIC, including automotive and mass transportation, packaging, and building & construction. Highlights in the personal care & healthcare and the consumer goods & appliances areas feature innovative products developed by customers using SABIC’s latest circular material solutions.
Automotive & Transportation Thermoplastic Solutions
With vehicle weight reduction linked to lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy or extended electric range, automakers continue demanding lighter construction materials that will not compromise high strength and performance. One such manufacturer is Land Rover, who engaged with SABIC in the early development stages of its new 2020 Defender and incorporated SABIC’s thermoplastic solutions in over 70 applications. Described by Land Rover as “featuring our toughest materials yet,” the new Defender at SABIC’s stand lets visitors experience first-hand how its materials and engineering support have helped advance the design and manufacture of the vehicle.
An additional feature in the automotive area is the structural lightweighting capabilities of a new engineering thermoplastic material from SABIC – XENOY™ HTX resin – which can be used as a metal replacement solution in new safety applications, including side rockers designed to offer protection for battery modules mounted in the underbody of electric vehicles.
Packaging Solutions: Certified Circular Polymers
The use of plastics in packaging provides many benefits, such as the protection of goods and extending the shelf life of food. In terms of sustainability, plastic packaging plays a crucial role in reducing waste in the global food supply, while it must also comply with more stringent food and consumer safety as well as environmental regulations.
SABIC is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to enable the circular re-use and recycling of packaging through pioneering processes and key partner collaborations. Working in tandem with brand owners and customers.
SABIC has developed four new circular solutions for packaging which are highlighted at the show, including the company’s flagship “certified circular polymers” created from chemically recycled mixed plastic waste. Under SABIC’s newly launched TRUCIRCLE™ initiative, other advanced circular products to be featured include:
  • Certified renewable polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP)
  • Polymer resins created from mechanically recycled polymers
  • Products designed to minimize waste and encourage recycling, such as SABIC’s BOPE polymer – a new product designed for producing biaxially oriented polyethylene (BOPE) films that can be easily recycled in multilayer tenter frame processes due to their mono-material PE structure

Recycled Food Packaging Solutions
SABIC is unveiling food packaging solutions developed by its brand collaborators using certified circular polymers. Unilever’s new Magnum® ice cream tub – the world’s first food brand to be made from recycled plastic packaging from SABIC’s newly developed certified circular impact polypropylene for frozen foods; along with the Knorr® bouillon powder containers for professional kitchens made from SABIC® FLOWPACT PP impact copolymer. Together with Vinventions, leader in wine closure design and engineering, SABIC will reveal a fully sustainable and certified circular BlueLine wine closures prototype. And a stand-up pouch from Walki is on display which features a food contact barrier layer made from SABIC’s circular materials.
Building & Construction Solutions
With the continuing urbanization, a critical issue in population growth is the inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable design of urbanized areas. The architectural, construction and water management industries are looking for materials that meet the demand for environmentally sustainable structures. As a leader in the development of lightweight, robust and energy efficiency solutions, SABIC is showcasing new sustainable materials for pipe, energy, electrical and structural applications.
In line with the company’s vision to deliver a hands-on experience of its latest products, the highlight of the stand’s building & construction area is SABIC’s 3D augmented and interactive house and road scale model which provides context to its range of sustainable products and applications.
Personal Care & Healthcare
The personal hygiene industry is constantly seeking advanced material solutions to help manufacturers push the limits of consumer safety and convenience, function, sustainability and cost control. Growing populations and awareness about health and personal care is increasingly leading to innovations within the sector.
New Products
As a strategic material solutions provider to the sector, SABIC is working with its customers to create new products that allow for lighter, safer and more functional personal care & healthcare applications that are also more efficient, comfortable and sustainable. At K 2019, SABIC is showcasing the latest range of its SABIC® PURECARES polymer portfolio products such as new SABIC® PP 514M12 ultra-high melt flow resin for lightweight, breathable fabrics in nonwoven items such as diapers, sanitary products and surgical gowns, as well as other advanced spunbond PP materials designed to reduce the environmental impact.
Exhibits highlighted at SABIC’s stand include examples of REN Clean Skincare’s new packaging. Committed to transforming all its packaging to be recyclable or refillable by 2021, REN Clean Skincare wanted to implement a circular solution that can provide a transparent look and feel while also supporting the complex assembly of parts requiring tight tolerances, such as for airless packaging systems. SABIC’s certified circular PP polymers are used for the container, the closure and other parts of the EVERCALM™ day cream airless packaging, ensuring that these requirements are met without compromising on aesthetics.
Consumer Goods & Appliances
A rapidly increasing middle class is driving growth of the consumer goods and appliances industry. Plastics play an important role in the manufacture of these products which have become ever-present in daily life. Manufacturers are striving to create solutions that are strong, light and durable, while also offering excellent functionality and performance. Many are also looking for sustainable materials that offer the highest levels of design and aesthetic freedom.
With decades of experience, SABIC offers a broad and relevant materials portfolio in this market, together with unparalleled expertise in helping customers achieve greater design flexibility and enhanced product specifications.
With its new TRUCIRCLE™ material solutions, SABIC has a showcase of impressive consumer goods and appliances including:
  • Tupperware® Eco Straw and new drinking tumbler: The portable, reusable Tupperware® Eco Straw and a new drinking tumbler are both intended to provide consumers with solutions to help reduce the use of single-use plastic waste both through the material used and the intended use of the products. Both applications are made from SABIC’s high-quality certified circular PP polymer that is derived from a feedstock of mixed plastic waste.
  • Royal Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles (prototype[1]): The latest design of this high purity, safe and transparent infant feeding bottle uses a SABIC certified circular PP polymer to create a fully recyclable and reusable product that contributes to plastic waste reduction and complies with food safety standards.
  • Royal Philips Senseo® Quadrante coffee machine water reservoir (prototype1): With an aesthetically refined design, the prototype water container is made from SABIC certified circular PP polymer, enabling faster cycle times due to its lower processing temperature compared to standard materials, potentially leading up to 15% energy savings in this recyclable coffee machine component.
  • CALOR steam iron from Group SEB: Incorporating high flow SABIC® PPA20 impact copolymer, this advanced design results in a lighter, high-gloss, high-strength and scratch resistant product while supporting the recyclability of components.

Cost-effective Answers to Modern-day Challenges
Today, more than ever, industry needs to respond to the world’s environmental and societal challenges by embedding sustainability and re-use into its very DNA,” says Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh, Executive Vice President for Petrochemicals.
Sustainability is a core value at SABIC, and the pioneering material solutions we are showcasing at this year’s K-Show are testament to our determination and our customers’ commitments. The goal is to bring the very best minds and technologies together to create genuinely sustainable, long-term, reliable and cost-effective answers to modern-day challenges,” added Mr. Al-Fageeh.
The first of SABIC’s booth installations is a five-meter tall, high-impact 3D LED light installation which serves as a visual point-of-reference for the booth within the exhibition hall.

Publication date: 18/10/2019

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