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Husky commits to sustainable packaging solutions

With recycled PET in high demand and recyclability a primary sustainable goal for many brand owners, Husky Injection Molding Systems (Bolton, Ontario) has committed to sustainable packaging solutions for future generations. Husky has a history of being a “socially responsible, environmentally-conscious global player,” and is dedicated to making a “positive impact in aligning the goals of sustainability with the many positive attributes of plastic packaging,” the company said.

For Customers looking for packaging with a lower carbon footprint that contains more recycled and recyclable content, Husky offers a range of solutions that allow for more post-consumer resin (PCR) in packages, including PET preform molding systems capable of handling 100% recycled content and PCR options for its Multi-Layer technology. 

“Our new PTE preform molding technologies offer an extensive range of solutions to help our customers achieve the utmost flexibility, user friendliness, energy efficiency and productivity in their manufacturing operations,” Robert Domodossola, Husky’s president of rigid packaging, said in a press release.

Husky is also developing more energy-efficient systems, and increased light-weighting capabilities and innovative tethered closure designs to meet recycling and packaging legislation.

Husky is currently developing a new system focused on incorporating PCR, enabling customers to bring more than 60,000,000 kg of PET annually into the circular economy within the next 24 months. The system works in conjunction with equipment that purifies recycled material and eliminates the intermediate steps of pelletizing and re-melting, reducing costs while ensuring package quality, the company noted.

“Enabling more recycled content in packaging, researching innovative and sustainable materials, finding more efficient production methods, reducing waste in the injection molding process, these are all factors that impact our customers as they look for ways to be more sustainable,” said Joachim Niewels, Husky’s Vice President of Innovation and Sustainability. “At Husky, innovation is in our DNA. We endeavor to be a partner to our customers, to the industry and to the environment by continually finding new solutions that further enhance both sustainability and value.”   

Publication date: 28/10/2019

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