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Danish Crown launches sustainable packaging for minced beef

body.single-projects .post-content :not(p) img, body.single-post .post-content :not(p) img { display: none; } Food processing company Danish Crown has launched sustainable oxygen-free tubular packaging for minced beef.Denmark-based professional kitchen food supplier Dagrofa Foodservice and 29 S-Wholesale stores currently use the new packaging.Developed to replace the classic black tray for minced beef, the new packaging enhances food quality and extends shelf life. It will also help to reduce plastic consumption by up to 85%.The first new meat rolls with the new packaging sold in Dagrofa S-Wholesale stores will contain minced beef from Danish meat cattle. Danish Crown Beef sales director Claus Hein said: “There are some obvious advantages to this way of packing our minced beef. First of all, we reduce the consumption of plastic to an absolute minimum.
“At the same time, the meat is packed without oxygen, which ensures that the shelf life from the production date is extended from seven to 14 days, so overall there is a plus on sustainability for both less plastic consumption and less food waste.”Offering sustainable packaging is a part of Danish Crown’s goals to cut the company’s total carbon footprint in half by 2030 compared to the footprint in 2005.Danish Crown has also set a goal to be completely CO?-neutral by 2050.In line with its commitments, the company has replaced the plastic used in packaging black meat trays earlier this year, contributing to creating a circular economy.The transition from polyethene (PE) to polyethene terephthalate (PET) plastics allows Danish Crown to reduce plastic use for meat trays by 1,000t a year.

Publication date: 02/12/2019


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