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KRAIBURG TPE Offers Recyclable TPE Compounds for Durable Toys

KRAIBURG TPE offers TPE compounds with properties suited for a wide range of toy application, such as electronic toys, technical toys like model building kits, collectable figurine, 3D Model, board games, puzzle and more.
Safe, Versatile and Durable
KRAIBURG TPE’s compounds are recyclable and free of potentially toxic components, such as heavy metals, latex, PVCs, and phthalates. They exhibit material resistance against tear and abrasion, chemical and flexural fatigues for enhanced durability.
Certified in accordance to the UL94HB flammability standard of plastic materials, the TPE materials are suitable for electronic toys like drones, model cars and planes.
Smooth Surface and Easy to Handle
KRAIBURG TPE has material solutions for toys that require pleasant surface finish and soft touch feeling for a comfortable grip. Playthings like collectible figurines, toy drones and other electronic toys can benefit from KRAIBURG TPE’s lightweight products compared with other materials for lowering the density and reducing weight of the product for easy portability.
For producing toys with eye-catching, vibrant colors, KRAIBURG TPE provides comprehensive color solutions that enable toy manufacturers to achieve customization of compound colorization according to a desired color, and in the most economical and optimal way possible; at the same time assuring a globally consistent color quality.
The TPE series demonstrates excellent adhesion with polar and non-polar thermoplastics and ensures easy processing through extrusion and injection molding.

Publication date: 16/12/2019

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