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NextGen Consortium launches reusable cup pilot in local cafes

A multi-year consortium that addresses single-use food packaging waste NextGen Consortium has launched reusable cup pilot in a number of local cafes in the US.The pilot was conducted in the City of San Francisco and the City of Palo Alto in California, US.The two NextGen Cup Challenge winners, CupClub and Muuse, will launch their respective ‘smart’ reusable cup systems in open environments across local cafes on a rolling basis over the coming weeks. Live piloting enables the companies to learn and innovate accordingly and facilitate a seamless and convenient transition to reusable cups for customers and companies.The size, customer feedback and data captured during the pilot will provide valuable information regarding the technical feasibility, business viability, user desirability and circular resiliency of each cup.
Starbucks chief sustainability officer Michael Kobori said: “We know finding a more sustainable cup solution will continue to require partnership and innovative thinking.“The ongoing work from the NextGen Cup Consortium provides valuable insights and learnings for all the members, us included, as we continue to explore a variety of ways to better manage our waste and reduce our environmental footprint.” The pilots are part of the consortium’s broader plan to create long-lasting, positive change across the cup system.In March, two other winners, Footprint and PTT MCC Biochem Company will also launch pilot programmes in Oakland cafes.The consortium is managed by Closed Loop Partners’ Centre for the Circular Economy, while the founding partners include Starbucks and McDonald’s. The Coca-Cola Company, Yum! Brands, Nestlé and Wendy’s are the supporting partners. What you should read next
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  • Publication date: 19/02/2020


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