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Coveris: New packaging centre opens its doors

Coveris’ new technical development centre will welcome visitors in a dedicated space of over 400m². The production area is equipped with latest state of the art packaging machinery, including thermoformer, tray-sealer and form-fill-seal machines to offer a wide range of industrial trial possibilities enabling on-site testing and immediate validation. The centre intends to offer a unique customer experience, combining trials with cross-functional training sessions and dedicated workshops, tailor made to the innovation needs of its customers.

The workshop area has been designed as an open space - favouring exchange, discussions, sharing of knowledge and expertise. It is meant to host internal and external events, all contributing to developing the packaging of the future. Coveris internal experts, along with renowned industry specialists will regularly offer insights on the latest packaging and raw material trends.

Adding to the Pack Positive Centre in Leeds, UK, the Coveris Pack Innovation Centre represents the second building block of the Coveris forward thinking initiative centres. The Pack Positive Centre which has specialised in consumer insights now has an ideal partner with the new Pack Innovation Centre that brings technical development, validation and training to the next level.

“The Pack Innovation Centre is a perfect reflection of our commitment to the world of packaging. The centre has been designed to add value through all steps of packaging development, from raw material selection to a circular economy logic. In addition, it brings great value to our customers as they can conduct trials on original, industrial packaging machines without blocking their own production. It gives us an exciting opportunity to join forces with our customers and work with them on designing the packaging of the future”, comments Jakob A. Mosser, CEO Coveris.

Publication date: 22/07/2020

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