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An overview on a dynamic and growing field of technologies

The current life cycle of plastic products needs to be improved. The annual generation of plastic waste reached 30 million tonnes from which about 29 million tonnes are collected. Overall, 32 % of collected post-consumer plastics are recycled while the larger part is incinerated or landfilled which are the least preferable options according the waste hierarchy. Besides conventional mechanical recycling and in the context of discussions on the improvement of current recycling rates, a wide spectrum of chemical recycling technologies is moving into focus. In the recent years the field of chemical recycling is characterised by dynamic developments and steady growth. In addition to technological developments, it is above all the political framework conditions that play a central role in how quickly chemical recycling will actually be implemented. Only clear, stable, consistent, and favourable framework conditions offer security for investments.

What is the political framework for chemical recycling? Which chemical recycling technologies are suitable for which waste streams and products? Which developments are the most promising? How sustainable are the different technologies? How does the mass Balance Approach fit into the circular economy of plastics?

Join the nova Session, discuss with the experts and get your questions answered.The nova-Institute invites to the nova Session “Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends, and Challenges” on 10 February, 2021 and will take place as online event via zoom.

The workshop will focus on the market and trend report “Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends, and Challenges” published in November 2020 (please find the short-version under The nova Session offers the unique opportunity to exchange information about current technology developments at the highest level. (excl. 19% VAT) here.

With the confirmation mail of your registration, you will receive a 15 % allowance code for the purchase of the report “Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends, and Challenges” (

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Publication date: 02/12/2020

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