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DOMO’s Sustainable Polyamides Find Use in Orangebox’s Recyclable Office Task Chair

Orangebox has launched Kirn, a new office task chair designed for sustainability and to be 99% recyclable at the product’s end of life.
The Kirn is fabricated using DOMO’s ECONAMID® polyamides, provides great comfort while being truly environmentally smart. Polyamides are plastics that are versatile, light, tough and resistant, making them a great fit for many industrial and design needs, and with ECONAMID® they are also more sustainable.
Providing Significant Sustainability Credentials
Developed from recycled post-industrial textile fibers, ECONAMID® polyamides provide significant sustainability credentials compared to virgin polymer-based solutions. DOMO’s distribution manager Andrea Rizzo says, “By using unique fiber feedstock, monitoring our energy consumption and using renewable energy sources, we have managed to produce this top-quality ‘green’ range of products. ECONAMID® can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 97% v.s. virgin plastics and offers significant water savings in production.”
The comfortable Kirn offers an improved range of seat height. The intuitive design and the soft-touch fibers have been engineered to provide continuous, hard-wearing three-dimensional support for all shapes and sizes.
In addition to product longevity and material efficiency, the architecture and engineering design of the Kirn has resulted in a simpler product, made from fewer parts, and using less material.
99% Recyclable Chair
At the end of its working life, the chair’s material selection and design for disassembly will allow 99% of it to be recycled, with its large parts carrying material identifier marks. The Kirn office task chair was developed by Orangebox with support from its favored plastic molder, Linear Plastics, and DOMO’s Pan European distributor, Ultrapolymers.
At the forefront of plastic industry commitments towards the sustainable development of the sector, including leveraging the potential of a circular economy, DOMO Chemicals has cemented its position as market leader in the recycled engineered polyamides PA6 and PA66.

Publication date: 15/01/2021

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