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Recovinyl Introduces PVC Recycling and Uptake Monitoring System

Recovinyl launches RecoTrace – an advanced data system for circular PVC. RecoTrace™ is a data collection system to monitor, verify, and report PVC recycling and uptake in Europe. RecoTrace builds upon Recovinyl’s 18 years’ experience of collecting credible recycling data. The PVC industry’s commitment to report reliable data has made Recovinyl the industry standard for data reporting.
Advancing Data Collection Requirements
In 2019, Recovinyl recorded a total of 769,234 tons of PVC recycling, making it the largest contributor to VinylPlus®, the voluntary commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry.
To enhance traceability and transparency in recycled plastics along the entire plastics value chain, RecoTrace has been developed to meet the advancing data collection requirements in line with the ambition of the Circular Plastics Alliance and EU policy initiatives to encourage recovery, recycling and reusing of plastics.
Brigitte Dero, VinylPlus’ managing director, added “We are fully committed to contribute to the Circular Economy. RecoTrace is a system that is able to fully comply with the monitoring data requirements set out in the Circular Plastics Alliance and will take VinylPlus to ever greater heights.”
User Friendly and Time-efficient Way to Register Data
Developed by Recovinyl, RecoTrace has been designed for recyclers and converters to register data in a user-friendly format and in a time-efficient way, whilst keeping all data safe and secure. This tool will provide a clear picture of material flows and complete traceability of the material. RecoTrace will officially be ready to receive 2021 data from February 1st, 2021.
Ingrid Verschueren, Recovinyl’s general manager commented “If you recycle PVC waste or use PVC recycled plastics in new products, contact Recovinyl so that you can register your data in RecoTrace and join us in the PVC industries journey to make PVC circular.”
Following the European Commission’s pledging call for the entire plastics industry to boost recycling, VinylPlus has committed to recycle at least 900,000 tons of PVC per year into new products by 2025. RecoTrace will be used to deliver on this commitment, a significant contribution to the overall 10 million tons objective set by the Commission for the plastic industry, as well as voluntary VinylPlus commitments beyond 2025, in line with its drive to increased sustainability.

Publication date: 10/02/2021

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