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2021 Rising Stars: Logan Woo

Logan Woo, 29

Account Manager, Nova Chemicals Corp.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Logan Woo has a bachelor's degree in finance with a minor in supply chain management. He has held roles at polyethylene maker Nova Chemicals Corp., including logistics and customs compliance analyst, export commercial specialist, sales analyst and now account manager in Pittsburgh.

"The ability to globally impact people by making their lives healthier, easier and safer is a company motto that quickly took hold of my passion, curiosity and pointed it toward understanding the polyethylene industry," Woo said. "This drove me to take on my first role as a logistics and customs compliance analyst in the Export Logistics Team at Nova Chemicals."

Woo noted several achievements: "leading the development of export packaging supply chains, helping to lead our business plan development for our polyethylene business and removing 30-40 MM pounds of chronic forecast error per month from our sales forecasts."

"Most notably, in my current role, I support customers by focusing on shaping a partnership for mutual growth and prosperity," he added. "The ability to create value for both parties provides a unique opportunity to directly impact our customers success and help make consumers' lives healthier, easier and safer."

Woo became account manager in February 2020. His current challenge is tackling a steep learning curve to ensure he is applying "out-of-the-box solutions to a wide variety of customers in the most effective and well-informed way." He reads about new technologies, innovations and trends in his personal time.

"The most rewarding challenge is finding mutually beneficial solutions for our customers, maximizing value and sharing new technologies with the market in order to directly support my customers and help them achieve their goals," he said.

Woo is a member of the Industrial Packaging Alliance North America. He is involved with several mentorship and volunteer events, including IPANA 2020, United Way Events Lead 2015-19, Nova Chemicals Disabilities Mentorship 2018-19, Nova Chemicals Career Day 2018-19 and STEM Coalition 2019.

To relax, Woo enjoys golfing, mountain climbing, playing soccer and woodworking.

Andie Stiles, Nova marketing communications manager, nominated Woo for Rising Stars.

Q: What about the plastics industry surprises you?

Woo: It is remarkable how quickly the industry as a whole has come together to collaborate and develop solutions to turn the adverse impacts of plastic waste into an opportunity for a better future. The development of new technologies, alliances and coalitions from our passionate industry members is instrumental in accomplishing our mission to move from a linear to a circular plastics economy.

Q: What is your philosophy related to plastics and sustainability? What steps have you taken to improve plastics' sustainability, either in work, your community or personal life?

Woo: Sustainability is a pillar of who I am today and how I shape my actions. From a morality perspective, I believe sustainability is about every individual doing their part, in whichever way, to regularly give back, maintain or enhance the world. With respect to plastics, aside from our foundations of recycling and regularly participating in community litter cleanups, individuals should set lofty goals and visions on what the future of recyclability, sustainability and a circular economy looks like and advocate for change and the completion of those goals within their areas of influence.

In my area of influence, I am heavily involved as an account manager in shaping a world that is better tomorrow than it is today by advocating and supporting our partners in the use of PCR products, sharing news regarding circular economy technology and in my personal life advocating and sharing the facts regarding the benefits of plastics in our everyday lives.

Q: If you were CEO of a company, what would you do first?

Woo: I would meet with all levels of the organization to learn and understand their roles and goals, what has been working, and what they would do to enhance the success of the organization. Understanding individual passions, personalities and goals I believe would improve company culture and help to align all levels of the organization towards our mission.

Q: What should the plastics industry do to expand its efforts in diversity and inclusion?

Woo: We must be equipped with the tools, culture and moral fiber essential to accomplish our responsibility of a diverse and unified workforce. Our focus should be on our current workforce but also shaping the generations to follow. This can be accomplished through consistent and tailored educational investments, diversity programs for internships and educational opportunities, and participating in STEM coalitions to educate diverse youth on the benefits and career opportunities within the polyethylene industry.

Q: Who is your mentor or someone you look up to?

Woo: My strongest mentors are family members who have helped to shape my passion, work ethic and performance. These individuals still provide guidance on my career and personal life. Aside from my family, I have several informal and formal mentors at different levels within Nova Chemicals that frequently provide guidance and support my career ambitions and goals. Having several mentors in my organization creates the opportunity to learn from several diverse styles and approaches and tailor them to enhance my own approach.

Publication date: 12/02/2021

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