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PreZero right on schedule in Belgium - Punctual opening of the sorting facility for lightweight packaging in Evergem

The core elements of the facility – in addition to mechanical sorting components such as wind sifters, overbelt magnets or ballistic separators – are a total of 26 NIR devices that sort the lightweight packaging into 14 fractions, including the plastics polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and PET. During subsequent sorting of the material, special robots also ensure that drinks cartons, PET trays and HDPE packagings are separated.

Stephan Garvs, Managing Director PreZero Germany, is delighted with the punctual opening of the facility in Belgium: “The start of operations at the sorting facility for lightweight packaging in Evergem also strengthens our network of high-performance plants on a European level. Against the background of the EU Commission Action Plan with minimum quotas for the use of recycled materials, it means we are ideally positioned to face the future challenges of a sustainable circular economy.”

The new PreZero LVP sorting facility in Evergem, Belgium. (Photo credit: PreZero) In this context, Claudy Lejeune, Expansion/Business Development PreZero Belgium, emphasizes the first-class technical equipment of the facility in Evergem: “The sorted fractions are of a quality, which the processing industry has been demanding for some time, for use in production cycles. I am confident that we can make a significant contribution to the acceptance of secondary raw materials.”

In the view of Christian Kampmann, Head of PreZero Recycling Germany, the new facility in Evergem also plays an important role within the overall strategy of PreZero: “The start of operations is a further important step on our way to becoming a company that implements the conservation of finite resources along the entire value creation chain. At this point, I would like to extend my thanks to all those who helped to ensure that the construction of the facility was completed to schedule in these very unusual circumstances.”

Mik Van Gaever, COO of Fost Plus: “The introduction of the extended recycling bag gave rise to a demand for additional capacity and new technology for sorting the various material flows. After all, effective recycling begins with precise sorting by material type. The PreZero sorting facility uses stateof-the-art technology, enabling us to offer high-quality material for the European recycling market.”

Patrick Laevers, CEO of Fost Plus, adds: “Our aim is to create a circular economy for household packagings. Sorting on the monomer level maximizes our efforts in recycling applications. In this way, materials are retained within the chain as far and as long as possible as secondary raw materials for new products or packagings. The opening of the new PreZero sorting center is an important step toward achieving that aim.”

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