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Avient Adds New Grades to Its Recycled Content TPE Range Globally

Avient has announced global expansion of its reSound™ R recycled-content thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) range. The launch includes new grades in Europe that contain over 80 percent recycled content, as well as versions in North America and Asia that are compatible with PC, ABS, and PC/ABS overmolding.
Increased Recycled Material Content in New GradesIn Europe, new patent-pending grades are formulated using recovered materials such as recycled polypropylene, recycled oil, and recycled glass filler. Utilizing this combination of recovered materials, Avient is able to increase the overall percentage of recycled content in these grades to over 80 percent.
These European grades include a blend of both post-industrial (PIR) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, and are available in 30A, 50A and 70A Shore hardness levels. Suitable for overmolding onto polypropylene (PP), the new TPEs have comparable performance to prime grades, and can replace them in typical applications for lawn and garden, outdoor high performance, personal care, footwear, office supplies, houseware durables, and automotive industries.
Additional Recycled Content TPE Grade in North America
In North America, Avient is launching an additional reSound™ R recycled content TPE grade for PC, ABS, and PC/ABS overmolding. The grade contains 30 percent PIR content at 80 Shore A hardness and is compatible with consumer electronics applications such as phone cases.
In Asia, an expanded reSound R range now includes three PIR grades for PC, ABS, and PC/ABS overmolding and seven PCR grades for overmolding on to PP. The PIR grades are formulated with 20 to 60 percent recycled content and the PCR grades contain 9 to 39 percent recycled food packaging.
With our global customers’ ever-increasing focus on achieving a circular economy, we’ve responded by utilizing innovative materials from local recycling streams,” said Matt Mitchell, director, global marketing at Avient. “These developments are part of our ongoing commitment to expand our sustainability portfolio and help customers in all regions meet their sustainability goals.”

Publication date: 31/03/2021

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