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LyondellBasell Launches Recycled Plastic-based Products to Boost Sustainability

LyondellBasell announces the launch of a suite of products under the name Circulen enabling brand owners to improve the sustainability of consumer products.
This announcement marks the next step in LyondellBasell delivering on its sustainability goal of producing and marketing two million metric tons of recycled and renewable-based polymers annually by 2030, which is one of the most ambitious goals in the industry.
Circulen Products to Reduce Plastic Waste
The LyondellBasell Circulen product family supports the reduction of plastic waste using recycled content, and a lower carbon footprint using renewable-based content as compared to feedstock from fossil-based sources. The Circulen product portfolio includes:
  • CirculenRecover polymers are made from plastic waste through a mechanical recycling process;
  • CirculenRevive polymers are made using an advanced (molecular) recycling process to convert plastic waste into feedstock to produce new polymers, which have a wide range of uses; and
  • CirculenRenew polymers are made from renewable feedstocks such as used cooking oil, which have a wide range of uses.

The LyondellBasell Circulen portfolio is currently available in Europe and will soon be introduced in North America and China. Circulen products are presently used in the new Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase line, and garden equipment (e.g., watering cans).
LyondellBasell’s Multi-pronged Approach
To help achieve the company's ambitions, LyondellBasell is implementing a multi-pronged approach to advance the circular economy by bringing sustainable solutions to life.
"With the new Circulen product portfolio, we are taking concrete action to advance the circular economy today, innovate for the future and partner across the value chain," said Ken Lane, LyondellBasell executive vice president global olefins and polyolefins. "Our ambition is bold, yet necessary, and we are committed to doing our part to help address the global challenges of plastic waste in the environment and climate change while meeting customer and brand owner needs."
Circular Economy Ambitions
The launch of the new Circulen portfolio follows several recent announcements focused on LyondellBasell's circular economy ambitions:
  • Expanding the Quality Circular Polymers mechanical recycling joint venture portfolio to include both post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic;
  • Extending future innovation in advanced (molecular) recycling with LyondellBasell's MoReTec technology and the start-up of a pilot facility;
  • Utilizing renewable-based feedstocks comprised of waste and cooking oils to produce plastic products that help reduce CO2 over the product life cycle; and
  • Securing International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification of our European cracker and polymer sites.

Publication date: 16/04/2021

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