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PrimaLoft, Origin Materials to develop sustainable PET fibers for insulation products

PrimaLoft, a specialty producer of insulating fibers and filaments for a wide range of end products and brands headquartered in New York, will collaborate with Origin Materials on the creation of fibers from carbon-negative PET and next-generation polymers produced with Origin’s proprietary, patented technology platform. The newly-formed strategic alliance saw PrimaLoft, whose partners include brands such as Patagonia, Stone Island, L.L. Bean, Lululemon, Adidas and Nike, sign a capacity reservation agreement with Origin Materials, putting the company in pole position to take advantage of the non-fossil based materials produced using Origin’s technology.

The two companies have a ‘shared vision for how materials can help the world transition to net zero carbon as soon as possible', according to Origin Materials co-CEO Rich Riley.

The present collaboration builds on PrimaLoft’s ‘Relentlessly Responsible’ which has led to the development and launch in late 2018 of its PrimaLoft Bio; PrimaLoft P.U.R.E., which provides materials manufactured with greater than 50 percent CO2 savings; and PrimaLoft’s post-consumer recycling initiative. The next goal is non-petroleum-based raw materials, including products that biodegrade and other circular economy solutions.

Origin, headquartered in West Sacramento, California and founded in 2008, has developed technology that allows the carbon found in biomass to be used to produce new materials while capturing carbon in the process. Replacing the use of non-renewable carbon derived from fossil sources by renewable carbon from biomass, in this case, sustainable wood residues, opens the door for the further development of sustainable carbon-negative materials. In addition, the technology platform is expected to provide stable pricing as it is largely decoupled from the volatility of the petroleum supply chain.

“Developing products that perform at the highest level while making the least impact on the environment is our ultimate goal,” said PrimaLoft president and CEO Mike Joyce.

“Working with Origin Materials to achieve those high-performance standards through non-petroleum-based means is a huge stride forward.”

Publication date: 20/04/2021

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