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New ID Additives materials spotlight rust removal, water line care

Additives supplier ID Additives Inc. has unveiled three new products to make life easier for plastics processors.

Eco-Pro 360 is a rust removal solution that can be used with the Eco-Pro 360 cart with pump and filter for cleaning out cooling passages in injection molds, blown film dies and other products. The third new product is Cool EX organic cleaning and maintenance solution for water lines.

Nick Sotos, president of La Grange, Ill.-based ID, said that the recent product introductions are eco-friendly products. "They eliminate the traditional use of hazardous acids and other materials that can be unsafe to work with and are harmful to the environment and difficult to dispose of," he said. "We believe the future is green and have made the decision to offer products that fit in the circular economy model."

In an email to Plastics News, Technical Manager Bryan Whitaker said that "what sets [ID] apart from current market offerings with respect to the Eco-Pro 360 chemical is it's 85 percent water-based, reusable, nonflammable and safer to work with than a traditional acid, which come in either liquid or powder form and require users to put on an apron, gloves and other various forms of PPE [personal protective equipment]."

"These products typically require users to mix their own formula according to their specific needs," he added. "It's then used once or twice before it needs to be disposed of, which requires neutralization before being picked up as hazardous waste.

"These are some of the reasons why many facilities do not have any preventative maintenance programs in place, with respect to flushing, as the risks typically outweigh the reward."

Other benefits of Eco-Pro 360 are that it removes mill oil, flash rust and white rust without etching; provides a protective coating for long-term rust protection; and works on all ferrous and nonferrous metal surfaces. The material also cleans, coats and seals — preventing further oxidation — and reduces labor, time and cost, officials said.

Eco-Pro 360 is also reusable and can be used to clean a mold or other product can be reused numerous times. The material is available in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums.

The Eco-Pro 360 cart uses an air diaphragm pump instead of the traditional electric pump, Whitaker said, allowing user mobility, since most shops have readily available air throughout and the pump will pause operation when a blockage is present, ensuring pressure buildups won't cause a line to break.

Applications for the cart include flushing cooling channels within tools, chill rolls, heat exchangers, portable chillers, feed sections, sheet rails and any other auxiliary equipment running water that may experience scaling and rust.

The Eco-Pro 360 Cart has no rubber seals or components for chemicals to break down; runs off of compressed air, no electrical connections needed; and when used with Eco-Pro 360, no water is needed. The cart has an operating capacity of 5-55 gallons.

Publication date: 28/04/2021

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