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CMG goes Carbon Neutral

(Photo credit: CMG) Zero emission power generationAll equipment produced at the CMG facilities and all tests performed for customers at the CMG Tech Center are 100% compliant to the Circular Economy guidelines, as power supply is produced at the site with solar panels. The extra capacity from the 2 GW installation supports the local community transition to decarbonization.

Permanent favourable conditionsEvery new development at CMG is entertained with the objective of providing the industry with nature enhancing solutions. The many science based targets, being outlined in the Next Generation EU Plan aimed at reducing the environmental damage, to tackle climate change and fuel transformation, are possible with “Intelligent Design” based solutions. CMG is very active on this front and is launching new innovative technologies.

Biodegradable plastics recycling: Bio-GranThe new Bio-Gran technology by CMG Granulators was designed to accomplish the objective of allowing recycling and reintroduction of the production rejects at the production site, by performing adequate size reduction and consequential storage/handling/processing so not to compromise the integrity of the polymer. The reject rate, predominantly deriving by post production finishing phases of the product, can be of a few percentage points up to tens of percentage points. The Bio-Gran technology was designed to handle from small to large quantities of biodegradable polymer effectively and dependably, preserving all physical and mechanical characteristics of the polymer itself. Bio-Gran is a new patent pending technology and a 100% proprietary development of CMG Granulators.

EV916 Supergranulator. (Photo credit: CMG) Operating efficiency at the highest level: Adaptive Motor PowerAll CMG solutions for medium to high capacity applications, from 200 kg/h to over 5,000 kg/h, feature the Adaptive Motor Power (AMP) function, unique in the size reduction industry. The granulator is able to autonomously establish which power level to adopt to carry out its work, depending on the quantity of material to be ground, shape, weight, thickness, type of plastic, temperature of the piece. The AMP allows to optimize the quality of the regrind to the highest degree (homogeneity of the particle and absence of dust) and to minimize the use of electricity. From 20 to 25 Wh/kg is the small amount of energy that a CMG granulator uses, compared to over 40 Wh/kg that a conventional unit consumes. The return on investment for the AMP is less than 12 months.

Service 4.0With Headquarters, Production Site and Technical Center in Italy, and the largest distribution network in the plastics industry, CMG is active all over the world with localized technical service, spare parts and sales centers.

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