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Mitsubishi Chemical Licenses Mura Technology’s Plastics Recycling Process

has entered into a license agreement with Mura Technology Limited pertaining to a process (HydroPRS™) for manufacturing raw materials (regenerated oils) for chemical products from plastic wastes.
MCC is continuing to consider the conversion of raw materials to non-fossil based materials and the development of technologies for chemical recycling of plastic waste in order to realize a circular economy. Based on this license agreement with?Mura, MCC is planning to introduce HydroPRS™ to accelerate detailed studies toward the commercialization of .
The HydroPRS™ Technology
HydroPRS™ is an innovative process for converting plastics into regenerated chemicals and oils utilizing high-temperature and high-pressure supercritical water. Compared with the conventional direct pyrolysis technology, it is possible to obtain regenerated oils with a high yield and of the same quality as petroleum-derived raw materials (which can be put into existing facilities without pretreatment).
With this process, MCC believes that plastic wastes that were previously incinerated or landfilled can be chemically recycled and enable significant reduction of CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption throughout the plastic life cycle, which will greatly contribute to the realization of a circular economy.
In addition, Mura is aiming for the commercialization of large-scale chemical recycling of plastic wastes, and HydroPRS™ is one of the many chemical recycling technologies that are being developed at an accelerating pace.

Publication date: 22/06/2021

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