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Granulator supplier CMG goes carbon neutral

Bologna, Italy — CMG SpA, a manufacturer and supplier of size reduction solutions for the plastics industry, is using solar power to achieve zero-emission power generation.

The extra capacity from the 2 GW installation also supports the local community's transition to decarbonization, according to a company news release.

CMG has been supplying granulators, shredders, conveying systems, regrind evacuation, dust management and air filtration for 42 years with more than 30,000 units sold. The company now is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact.

CMG facilities are using solar power to meet circular economy guidelines and go carbon neutral, the release says.

The company points to science-based targets outlined in the European Union's Next Generation plan, which aims to reduce environmental damage, tackle climate change and fuel transformation, as being possible when coupled with "intelligent design."

Along that line, CMG also has developed a patent-pending technology called Bio-Gran for handling small to large quantities of biodegradable polymer and "dependably preserving all physical and mechanical characteristics of the polymer itself," the release says.

In addition, the company offers an adaptive motor power (AMP) function on granulators for medium- to high-capacity applications for energy efficiency that it says in unique to the market for size-reduction equipment. The granulator automatically establishes which power level to use for the project based on the quantity, shape, weight, thickness and temperature of the plastic.

AMP makes adjustments to provide high-quality regrind with minimum use of electricity. The return on investment can be less than a year, the release says.

Publication date: 06/08/2021

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