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Hot News in Plastic Packaging Sustainability

The amount of news related to sustainable packaging developments is overwhelming.

In fact, the majority of content posted at PlasticsToday involves sustainability in some way. Yet there are as many features we publish as there are opportunities for more.

That’s the idea behind this regularly updated newsfeed of Tweets that center on plastics’ recycling, bioplastics, and other closely related news, issues, and innovations surrounding circularity for plastic packaging.

Packaging isn’t always the most sustainable part of a business. How can this new tool give companies a leg up when it comes to thinking about sustainable packaging?

— EarthTronics (@earthtronicsinc) August 25, 2021Ground-breaking greentech solution developed by @HERU_Energy converts what was everyday rubbish into energy

— Siemens Industry (@siemensindustry) August 25, 2021ZeLoop App that Gamifies #Recycling by Rewarding Consumers will have US pilot this year #plastic #packaging #sustainable #packaging #blockchain #cryptocurrency

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) August 24, 2021"Compostable plastics like PLA do generally compost under the right circumstances. But contrary to what you might think, just because it composts, doesn’t mean a product is automatically green."

— 5 Gyres (@5gyres) August 18, 2021The recyclable "Circular Stand-up Pouch" by @WernerMertz has achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold level. #C2CCertified #MadeForTomorrow #SustainablePackaging

— C2C Certified (@C2Ccertified) August 18, 2021Reporting on the #plastic waste problem always cites alarmingly big numbers, but numbers don’t mean much without context, and context comes from data obtained by scientific observation

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) August 17, 2021Confetti or Trash? Neither. Opportunity to reduce plastic waste. #recycling #purecycled

— PureCycleTech (@PureCycleTech) August 16, 2021Cornell researchers created long chains of a polymer with high molecular weight and high tensile strength, resulting in a recyclable thermoplastic that is strong and flexible enough to be used for large-scale applications such as packaging products.

— Steven D. Ritchey (@NonProfitSteve) August 16, 2021Check out my poster [P11.013] at #pangborn2021 to learn more about consumer responses to different types of sustainable plastic for food packaging! Together with @Betina_PF and Hans van Trijp from @MCB_WU

— Milica Mladenovic (@millymla) August 10, 2021TotalEnergies and Jindal Films reinforce their partnership to introduce Certified Circular Polypropylene into high-end flexible food #Packaging, using advanced #Recycling technology #Circulareconomy #Plastics #RenewableCarbon

— Renewable Carbon News (@RenewableCNews) August 10, 2021GC International Corporation, a subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical Pcl, and Cargill Incorporated announced to build a bioplastic factory worth 20 billion baht in Nakhon Sawan province to support bio-circular-green (BCG) economy. @TNAMCOT

— TNAMCOT English (@TNAMCOTEnglish) August 10, 2021.@VTDairyScience @VTCals Prof. Rebecca Cockrum and grad student Hailey Galyon are working to develop bioplastic materials from bacteria to help replace single-use plastics on farms

— Virginia Tech (@virginia_tech) August 4, 2021Despite its lacklustre appearance, this waste-derived paper and card pulp will contribute to the production of the bioplastic polylactic acid (PLA) and PLA composite products!#biobased #circulareconomy #bioplastics @fiberight @BBI2020

— VAMOS (@vamos_bbi) August 4, 2021Procter & Gamble will use materials produced via Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies in its packaging to advance #sustainability goals

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) August 3, 2021How do consumers feel about who should take most #responsibility for finding a way to reduce the amount of unnecessary #packaging? What about their buying habits?
...and what about you?
Figures speak for themselves, discover more here:

— simon ng (@simonshng) August 2, 2021Almost £2 million has been awarded to 14 UK projects to address consumer problems with plastic packaging .
The Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging challenge was delivered by @innovateuk. Read the @UKRI_News article #Sustainable #Packaging

— Innovate UK (@innovateuk) August 2, 2021When the plastic additive Tinuvin® NOR® is used in agricultural films, they are protected from intense sunlight and heat. This increases the film’s durability and thereby helps to reduce plastic waste. More about this innovation at #OurPlasticsJourney:

— BASF (@BASF) August 2, 2021An interesting @LubesNGreases article on #plasticrecycling. Part of a US gov programme a team of researchers from companies & institutions seeks to turn plastic waste into #lubricants, including hydraulic fluids & #greases.

— A&S International Ltd (@ASInternationa3) July 29, 2021High-Tech In-Store Machine designed by an entrepreneur from Apple and an aerospace engineer uses #AI and #NFC to Incentivize #Recycling of aluminum beverage cans and PET #plastic #plastics and glass bottles

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 28, 2021This useful infographic from #Horizon2020 @bioplastics_eu explores the term ‘Bio-Plastic’ and what that means for sourcing and disposal. #PlasticFreeJuly

— Circular Economy at Manchester Met (@McrMetCE) July 28, 2021#Microplastics are proliferating nearly everywhere on earth, even in the most remote parts of the planet where human activity is practically non-existent. Where are they really coming from?

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 27, 2021Plastic Possibilities: Focus on Future-Ready Flexible #Packaging podcast w/ Anantshree Chaturvedi, head of FlexFilms, the global flexible pkg div. of UFlex #sustainability #circulardesign #plastic #plastics #circulareconomy #cryptocurrencies

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 27, 2021Genecis to scale sustainable bioplastic production from organic waste - #CanadianInvestor #CanadiansInvest

— Canadian Investor (@CanadiansInvest) July 27, 2021@CPMA_ACDFL is proud to be part of the 65 organizations working with @CanadaPact to bring the Golden Design Rules for plastic packaging to Canada. Learn more: #CGFGoldenDesign #CircularEconomy

— CPMA_ACDFL (@CPMA_ACDFL) July 22, 2021How do we achieve plastic circularity?@Google's "Closing the Plastics Circularity Gap" report outlines the role chemical recycling will play in addressing plastic waste. The report calls for a significant expansion in chemical recycling by 2040.

— Agilyx (@agilyx) July 20, 2021Scholle IPN announces strategic partnership with chemical #plastic recycler OBBOTEC #sustainable #plastics #packaging

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 20, 2021When @whitworths Ltd asked for support in developing recyclable pouches for their delicious Evening Snacks range, we were extremely keen to share our pouch making and sustainable packaging expertise. Read the full story here:

— FFP Packaging Solutions (@FFP_Packaging) July 20, 2021#Polystyrene recycler @polystyvert is working with @styrolution to explore #advancedrecycling technologies to bring EPS closer towards a #circulareconomy. #RecycleEPS@PlasticsToday covers the details here:

— EPS-IA (@EPSRecycle) July 15, 2021Thanking @MexicoDESIGN for featuring the "Afterlife" and "Volta" collections by #AKClient Supernovas. Supernovas is a circular design company that transforms 100% recycled PET into furniture and household goods.
Read more below. #circulardesign #sustainable #recycleable

— Alpha - Kilo (@AlphaKiloLtd) July 15, 2021In My Opinion: Reward consumers to improve #recycling

— Resource Recycling (@rrecycling) July 14, 2021Global Polylactic Acid (PLA) Market at $729 million in 2020 to reach $1.7 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 15.4% #plastic #plastics

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 14, 2021BREAKING: The governor of Maine has signed into law extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging. This is the first EPR law in the U.S. that will hold packaging producers financially responsible for funding recycling of their products.

— Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) (@APRrecycles) July 13, 2021@COMEXI and Reifenhäuser (@Extrusioneers) produced a sophisticated packaging solution: our All-PE Pouch! This #packaging is fully #recyclable and also identifiable in the #recycling process via R-Cycle. German radio station WDR 5 took a closer look:

— R-Cycle (@RCycle5) July 13, 2021Global #Plastic #Recycling Market valued at $16.98 billion in 2021 to reach $23.92 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 7.02% #sustainable #plastics | Business Wire

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 13, 2021Looking for an opportunity to engage with #recycling professionals? Look no further than the #RECYCLING2021 Conference. This year’s virtual @rrecycling conference will offer tools, insights & actionable steps to give your recycling program a boost:

— RecyclingPartnership (@RECYPartnership) July 12, 2021New to our Innovation Zone - Thetford, UK packaging producer Camvac have recently developed a new post-consumer recycled (PCR) Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) clear barrier film called ExtraPET PCR. #packaging

— ThePackHub: Packaging innovation experts (@ThePackHub) July 12, 2021.@coopuk rolls out ‘Europe’s most extensive’ recycling scheme for plastic food packaging #plastic #recycling #plasticwaste #waste #foodpackaging #food #packaging #netzero #lowcarbon #climatechange #sustainability

— future Net Zero (@futureNetZero) July 12, 202130 Fixes: A government-convened commission of California #recycling stakeholders has outlined steps to boost markets and cut contamination. But the group’s report also leaves PP plastic off a key initial list of accepted materials, drawing quick pushback.

— Resource Recycling (@rrecycling) July 8, 2021We are pleased that our TACOIL from #plasticwaste will be used in the manufacturing of recycled #packaging for @TotalEnergies & @JindalFilms. Another ex. of our #advancedrecycling tech used in a value-chain collab for the #circulareconomy. PR here:

— Plastic Energy (@plasticenergy) July 8, 2021Large-scale CO2 conversion to bioplastic: Dutch Photanol factory in Delfzijl takes first step

— Innovation Origins (@InnoOrigins) July 7, 2021Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) Market expected to reach $14.40 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.7% #sustainable #plastic #plastics #packaging #circulareconomy

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 7, 2021Global Bio-Based Ethylene Markets projected to be worth $718.32 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 7.1% 2020-2028 #plastics #bioplastics

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 6, 2021Several university researchers are exploring the viability of #ChemicalRecycling; will they succeed where so many privately held startups have fallen short over the years?

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 6, 2021We've partnered with @uvic to research the feasibility of using other flexible plastic packaging collected in our program to create fibre reinforced concrete. Read about this project and its benefits at

— Recycle BC (@RecycleBC) July 6, 2021A Milan-based design agency has taken discarded orange peels and transformed them into a completely natural and compostable biopolymer used to 3D print its new lamp. Via @WiredUK

— WIRED (@WIRED) July 5, 2021Bacteria in cow stomachs can be used to digest polyesters in textiles, packaging & compostable bags, finds a study in @FrontBioeng, published just in time for the international #PlasticBagFreeDay.
Read the study or our news site

— Frontiers (@FrontiersIn) July 2, 2021Bio-Polypropylene Market at 4% CAGR | Technavio #plastic #plastics #sustainable #biopolymers #bioplastic

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 6, 2021With the ability to recycle mixed plastics, foam food containers & other hard to recycle plastics, the need for policies that promote the growth of #advancedrecycling technologies is imperative. Read more in this blog post by @AmChemistry’s @joshuabaca

— Advanced Recycling Alliance for Plastics (@Adv_Recycling) July 1, 2021#Biotherm is the first of our brands to pilot @Carbios revolutionary enzymatic recycling #technology to create #sustainable packaging innovation.
This biotech solution creates infinitely #recyclable plastic using enzymes to break down PET plastic into its building blocks

— L'Oréal Groupe (@LOrealGroupe) June 30, 2021Carbon-Negative @ImpactSnacks #Packaging is Home #Compostable in 30 days and is edible

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 29, 2021So excited to share with you all, @gladproducts most sustainable trash bags yet! Made with 50% recovered materials (*20% recycled plastic and 30% reclaimed plastic (see side panel for more details)

— Valentina Nazareth (@sunflowerval_) June 28, 2021How can we make #packaging more sustainable? From designing effective materials to mining discarded plastic, we're bringing together people working to reduce, reuse or revolutionise plastic through its life cycle. Register for the meeting on 2 July:

— The Royal Society (@royalsociety) June 28, 2021In 2019, @WRAP_UK estimated that flexible film contributed to 290,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste.
It's great to read news that @sainsburys new flexible plastic recycling system will significantly cut the amount of plastic going to landfilll.

— NRC (@UKNRC) June 28, 2021Prototype #Lego brick made of recycled PET plastic from discarded bottles is first such brick to meet the company’s strict quality and safety requirements

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 25, 2021We're excited to add a new manufacturing line in Chattanooga, TN to make @ecoproducts compostable cups from plant-based plastic (PLA).#sustainability #manufacturing #novolexcares #compostable #CloserLookAtNovolex
Read more here:

— Novolex (@Novolex) June 22, 2021#INEOS #Styrolution offers mechanically recycled polystyrene developed in close collaboration with TOMRA: @TOMRARecycling

— INEOS Styrolution (@Styrolution) June 22, 2021#Circularity: What is it and how do we get there?
In episode 1, experts from @NOVAChemicals and @McKinsey mention how industry leaders are designing their way to a more sustainable future through #advancedrecycling.
A must-listen for anyone interested in sustainability topics!

— Advanced Recycling Alliance for Plastics (@Adv_Recycling) June 16, 2021Instead of decaying in landfills for hundreds of years, #plastics might one day be #upcycled in a matter of hours.

— Los Alamos Lab (@LosAlamosNatLab) June 15, 2021Novel Single-Step Application of Polyelectrolyte Complex Films as Oxygen Barrier Coatings! This work by PhD student Jiaying Li of the #mstcluster has great potential to make food packaging recyclable! See The paper can be ready at

— MST (@MST_UTwente) June 14, 2021Major new PET #recycling platform Evergreen launches, which will also supply food-grade rPET #sustainable #plastic #plastics #packaging

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 10, 2021#American #healthcare #apparel maker @BarcoUniforms has announced that record #sales of its #sustainable healthcare #scrubs helped the company collectively #recycle over 40 million #plastic #bottles, marking a 115 per cent year-over-year increase.

— Fibre2Fashion (@fibre2fashion) June 10, 2021Reducing the flow of plastic into the ocean will require collective global action.
These stakeholders are stepping up to get it started. #BreakingThePlasticWave

— Pew Environment (@pewenvironment) June 10, 2021Sustainability of Bag-in-box: advantages of the flexible packaging

— Technologia (@Technologia13) June 9, 2021Kimberly-Clark aims to be a leader in driving innovative solutions that address #plastic pollution. This #WorldOceansDay, we're excited to announce our partnership with RWDC Industries to advance sustainable technology for consumer products:

— Kimberly-Clark Corp. (@KCCorp) June 7, 2021"Fruitful" trial that removes bubble wrap protective #packaging and adhesive projected to save nearly 17 tonnes of #plastics this summer

— Packaging Digest (@packagingdigest) June 7, 2021#Plastic Possibilities and Super #Sustainable Flexible #Packaging: Robert Lilienfeld summarizes the eco-state of #flexiblepackaging’s past, unpacks the present, and predicts the future #plastics #circulareconomy

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 7, 2021Our 100% sustainable #plastic packaging & #netzero ambition is ever closer thanks to a £6M investment in our iconic #Lucozade brand.
By the end of 2021, our @LucozadeSport bottles will be made only from recycled plastic & be created for bottle-to-bottle #recycling.

— Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I (@SuntoryBF_GBI) June 7, 2021Researchers from @UnivRoma3 are developing bioplastic wine bottles that can be popped in your organic waste collection or, possibly, your home compost.

— The Academic Times (@AcademicTimes) June 1, 2021Digital watermarks on packaging and products help aid in efficient sorting during recycling. Check out this great video from @BorealisGroup featuring @giandebelder at @ProcterGamble: #holygrail2 #digitalwatermarks #plastic #circulareconomy

— Digimarc (@digimarc) June 2, 2021Sleep better at night knowing that Beautyrest's Harmony Lux mattress uses fabric made from recovered #oceanplastic #plastics #plastic water bottles #sustainable #circulardesign

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 1, 2021During April, shoppers at a #Manhattan adidas store could return their empty plastic bottles at a TOMRA reverse vending machine in store, and earn a discount on a pair of new Stan Smith sneakers made from recycled materials! #recycling #GetInTheLoop

— TOMRA Collection (@TOMRACollection) May 26, 2021The #recycling of #plastic is critical to the world’s move away from a linear economy and toward a circular one. New and revised standards from ASTM International will support the transition. #CircularEconomy #plastics See

— ASTM International (@ASTMIntl) May 26, 2021Our #SPCEngage 2021 event is a 2-day event dedicated to one big umbrella topic per day with initiatives around the world in the Design for the Circular Economy, and Bringing Down Barriers to Advance Chemical Recycling

— Sustainable Packaging Coalition (@SPCspotlight) May 26, 2021These bags are carbon neutral
We're so proud to have @musicMagpieCS join the sustainable packaging club. They have decoupled their mailing bags from finite resources and used polythene waste for their branded mailing bags. Find out more #DuoGreen

— Duo (@DuoUK) May 26, 2021Cyclpac are delighted to receive the winning award for Sustainable Packaging Design at today’s Australian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards.#PIDA2021 #packaginginnovation#sustainablepackaging #Bope #packagingdesign #CircularEconomy #sustainability

— cyclpac (@cyclpac) May 26, 2021Walex Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment pods (@walexadventures) are now available in a store drop-off recyclable pouch.
Learn more here:

— Glenroy, Inc. (@GlenroyInc) May 19, 2021We cannot stress enough the importance of #innovation to strive for a strong #circulareconomy Our member @UnileverEU is doing just that with their innovative #Packaging by moving towards 100% #recyclable toothpaste tubes by 2025

— EUROPEN (@EUROPEN_ORG) May 19, 2021The success of HolyGrail 2.0 depends on all of you! Find out together with Philip Knapen and engaged consumers how you can use the digital watermark app to sort plastic waste correctly.#HolyGrail2 #EverMinds

— Borealis (@BorealisGroup) May 18, 2021“We are extremely excited to add PHA to our EarthFirst® #biopolymer films portfolio. We appreciate the support we received from @danimersci in making this a success.” - George Thomas, CEO of EarthFirst Films by PSI.
Learn more:

— Danimer Scientific (@danimersci) May 18, 2021Albéa creates recyclable high-density polyethylene (#HDPE) tube and flip-top cap for beauty and personal-care #packaging. The monomaterial packaging is compatible with #recycling in rigid HDPE stream @AlbeaOfficial

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) May 17, 2021We’re proud to announce our investment for a new recycling center in Spain! This will be a fifth global site for Clean Tech, Plastipak’s recycling company, producing recycled PET for use in preform and bottle production. #PlastipakSustainability #Recycling #RecyclingCenters

— Plastipak (@Plastipak) May 17, 2021Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to sign SB 5022 today:

— Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) (@APRrecycles) May 17, 2021'Green Methanol' Is the #Packaging Industry’s Future for brands and supplier via the Consortium for Waste to Syngas Circularity #sustainable #circulareconomy

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