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Circular economy thinking in heat treatment of non-ferrous metals

BlueTechnology takes into account the importance of sustainability for production lines and raises awareness of ethical and ecological metal production. Within the confines of thermodynamics, mass and heat transfer as well as economics.

BlueTechnology shows the following aspects:

• Environmentally balanced processes with efficient water and offgas treatment plants

• CO2-neutral metal production (long-term)

• Minimized waste accumulation, converting waste into products

• Maximized metal and by-product yield

• Minimized power, media, and water consumption

• Tracing of all metals and compounds in the system

• High standards in health and safety

• Maximized recycling rate in primary and secondary metal production lines

Combined with digital systems that track all raw material flows and sources from mine and scrap collectors, we can contribute to the finished product with guaranteed BlueTechnology. BlueTechnology is a key enabler of the circular economy.

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Publication date: 03/09/2021

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