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Partnership with Dutch Circular Plastics consortium

Partnership with Dutch Circular Plastics consortiumCorplex's role is to develop packaging solutions following a C2C design approach (Photo: Corplex)Plastic extrusion and thermoforming company Corplex (Kaysersberg / France; has partnered with Circular Plastics (Aalsmeer / The Netherlands;, a consortium aimed at developing innovative product solutions using circular economy principles. The partner companies are focused on implementing closed-loop distribution circuits where plastic products are managed for their continuous use and re-use, saving on costs and having a positive impact on companiesâ?? CO2 footprints.
While the Circular Plastics consortium contributes its expertise in supply chain and sustainable logistics, Corplex said its role is to develop, manufacture and introduce plastic packaging solutions for specific industry sectors following a cradle-to-cradle design approach. Corplex CEO Lucas van der Schalk said, â??Together, we will stimulate the re-use of plastic raw materials and innovative products within a closed cycle where products are collected, reused and continuously recycled.â?
Johan Thans, director of Circular Plastics, said that with the addition of Corplex as a shareholder â??we can tap into new markets and help even more companies with circular solutions that save on costs and reduce their impact on the environmentâ?.21.09.2021 [248539-0]

Publication date: 21/09/2021


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