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Sustainability at the core of Plastics Europe's new image

The European association of plastics manufacturers, Plastics Europe, unveiled a new visual identity and website with sustainability at its core. This reflects the fundamental changes taking place within both the industry and Plastics Europe.

Plastic is a key material in enabling innovation and for helping us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. But any plastic waste in the environment is unacceptable. That is why we are increasing our efforts to reduce plastic waste, promote reuse and increase separate collection and recycling of plastic waste, and accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

“As an industry we need to evolve and adapt. We need to address the plastic waste issue head on by producing plastics in a low-carbon circular economy and enhancing their sustainable use, and by acknowledging the value of plastics waste as a resource in this new economy”, Plastics Europe Managing Director Virginia Janssens said.

This statement follows Plastics Europe’s recent call for a 30% mandatory target for recycled content for plastics packaging by 2030, and the announcement of over 7 billion euros in planned investments in chemical recycling by European plastics manufacturers by 2030.

“Our commitment as an industry is to relentlessly focus on ensuring plastics continue to enable and deliver benefits valued by society, while minimising their environmental footprint. This includes supporting the European Union’s Green Deal and climate-neutrality ambitions, and the Paris Climate Agreement - our collective blueprint for accelerating the transformation to a more sustainable Europe. We are determined to implement long-lasting positive change”, Virginia Janssens added.

“Plastics Europe. Enabling a sustainable future” is our industry’s purpose and strategic objective. We are going through an incredible journey in response to the changes that are taking place in the plastics industry and its operating environment. I invite our stakeholders and policy-makers to engage with us to deliver a circular and sustainable future for plastics”, Plastics Europe President Markus Steilemann said.

Publication date: 27/10/2021


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