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Formation of CosPaTox Consortium emerged from Forum Rezyklat

The industry Consortium CosPaTox has been founded in March 2021 and is concerned with the standardisation of high-quality PCR materials, especially for cosmetics packaging. The aim is to define toxicological safety guidelines for post-consumer (non-food) plastic recyclates (PCRs). Three different types of packaging are in the focus of CosPaTox: cosmetics leave-on, cosmetics rinse-off and wash- and cleaning detergents. This order reflects the descending demands of recyclate quality. The whole industry will benefit from this work, including companies that have so far refrained from considering non-food PCR as a material due to the lack of toxicological evaluation.

In addition to the determination of toxicologically safe limit values, the objective also includes the generation of test and measurement methods that can be used quickly on-site by recyclers. A fast analysis is considered essential for the future success of high recyclate rates, as sometimes weeks are needed to evaluate the recyclate quality today.

Forum Rezyklat, from which CosPaTox emerged, was initiated in 2018 by dm-drogerie markt, counts 47 members today and comprises of retailers, manufacturers, recycling companies, packaging producers and representatives of the political level. Thus, representing the entire value chain along the circular economy. Since its foundation, Forum Rezyklat works on strategies and measures to raise people’s awareness of the circular economy, aiming to achieve the sorting of recyclable materials by type. In the long term, this will increase the recycling rate and the proportion of recycled materials in packaging. Furthermore, the Forum strives to reduce packaging in general and to ensure that new packaging is designed for recyclability, so that it remains a resource in a circular economy. Meanwhile, the Forum is managed by GS1 Germany to secure the continuous success of the initiative.

Many renowned companies from the industry are among the members of CosPaTox as well as Forum Rezyklat. Hence, regular and mutual information on the progress of both groups via existing channels will continue.

The European Commission adopted an EU Action Plan for a circular economy in 2015. Plastics have been identified as a key priority and therefore, a strategy addressing the challenges posed by plastics throughout the value chain should be prepared. Plastics are important and ubiquitous materials in today’s economy and daily lives. However, too often the way plastics are produced, used and discarded fails to capture the economic benefits of a ‘circular’ approach and harms the environment. The circular economy represents an alternative and more sustainable model to the traditional linear economy (take, make, dispose).

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Publication date: 21/06/2021


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