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DS Smith Soars in Five Leading ESG Ratings

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DS Smith announced today its strong progress in five major corporate ESG ratings in 2021, strengthening its credentials as a sustainable packaging champion and demonstrating its commitment to lead the packaging industry in the transition to a circular economy model.

The announcement comes as the company is placed on CDP’s prestigious ‘A List’ for protecting water resources. the latest S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

Earlier this year, DS Smith gained an ‘AA’ score from MSCI (up from ‘A’), a lower risk score from Sustainalytics, a ‘Platinum’ score from EcoVadis (up from ‘Gold’) and a score of 67 points on the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (up from 51 points, with maximum scores in several categories).

“The world’s economy looks to CDP as the gold standard of environmental reporting, as they compile with the richest and most comprehensive dataset on corporate and city action,” said our Now and Next sustainability targets this year: closing the loop through better design, protecting natural resources, reducing waste and pollution, driving carbon reduction and equipping people to lead the transition to a circular economy.”

DS Smith proactively engages in external assessments to review and improve its performance on environmental, social, and governance issues. In the five ESG ratings it has identified as being most relevant to its investors and customers, it has been recognized for achievements such as its environmental reporting, performance in sustainable procurement, and use of recycled and sustainably sourced materials.

“These rankings show we’re on the right track. We will continue to focus on our sustainability targets, making our business more circular and taking ambitious climate action,” said Now and Next sustainability strategy, DS Smith has set ambitious targets that focus on closing the loop through better design, protecting natural resources by making the most of every fiber, reducing waste and pollution through circular solutions and equipping people to lead the transition to a circular economy. This includes achieving at least a 40% reduction in CO2e emissions per ton of production compared to 2019, and Net Zero emissions by 2050.

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Now and Next sustainability strategy, DS Smith is committed to leading the transition to the circular economy, while delivering more circular solutions for its customers and wider society – replacing problem plastics, taking carbon out of supply chains and providing innovative recycling solutions. Its bespoke

Publication date: 15/12/2021

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