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Tapping into opportunities presented by carbon neutrality and digitalization

At present, the manufacturing industry is in a dilemma featured in rising raw material prices and soaring freight costs worldwide. The global supply chain has encountered severe challenges, and there have been partial breaks. With the proposed goals of achieving carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, China has been geared up to accelerate the green and low-carbon economic transformation in all industries.

As an international plastics and rubber mega exhibition, Chinaplas 2022, together with over 4,000 high-quality domestic and overseas exhibitors, will showcase a massive number of cutting-edge innovations and technologies in a 360,000 sqm of show area, to address the challenges and embrace the enormous opportunities of the new era.

New opportunities towards green economic by leveraging low-carbon technologies

The State Council's Opinions on the Complete and Accurate Implementation of the New Development Concept to Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Achieve Carbon Neutrality and the Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking before 2030 issued in October 2021 represent the official promulgation of the top-level scheme to achieve the "dual carbon targets". These will reshape the economic and energy structure, upgrade production technology, improve human lives, and accelerate the high-quality economic development and green industrial transformation in the next four decades.

Obviously, the green and low-carbon technological innovations are central to such an extensive and profound transformation and reform. To cope with the tightening control of energy consumption, enterprises are in great demand for low energy consumption and high-efficiency production solutions. Ecological management is evolved from “end-of-pipe” control to “source” control, process optimization, end-of-pipe treatment, and waste recycling. The upgraded ecological management boosts the demand for environment-friendly materials such as bioplastics, biodegradable materials, easy-to-recycle and recycled plastics, and green additives. In addition, fully degradable film blowing machines, winders, and recycling technologies are also desirable by the market. With the rise of new energy, emerging industries such as photovoltaic, wind power, stored energy, electric vehicle, and hydrogen vehicles are gaining momentum and will generate demands for new materials.

With the green and low-carbon technology new track opened up, Chinaplas 2022 will present a huge and diversified amount of innovative solutions to help different companies to explore the development. "Green" elements will be pervasive in all halls, especially Hall 5.2, which will primarily focus on environmental protection, such as eco-friendly products, green additives, in addition to the Bioplastics Zone and the Recycled Plastics Zone.

Secrets of economic growth in quest of digital and intelligent high-tech development

In the process of pursuing green economic recovery, the gap between reducing carbon emissions and taking more intelligent approaches must be filled. The evolving green and low carbon development renders digital tech a more pressing need in support of the plastics and rubber industries. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data can be very useful in real-time monitoring and regulatory algorithms of energy consumption data. The aims are to reduce raw material consumption, improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and thus promote production in a green and energy-saving way.

Digital transformation is inevitable. The development of modern automation, intelligent and digital technologies have been catalyzed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote monitoring and management can help engineers to troubleshoot production failures even from thousands of miles afar; Sophisticated automated and precision production equipment assists enterprises in addressing the shortage of manpower and unstable product quality. Automated monitoring and quality control processes can allow continuous production; improve production quality and efficiency, and lower cost. As the digital economic tide sweeps the world, it further highlights the importance and value of automated, information-based, and intelligent production methods with flexible manpower, and unmanned and intelligent production methods. There is a wealth of potentials to be tapped.

CPS+: online and offline activities for better business exploration

As the entire industry is undergoing digital transformation, Chinaplas also goes full steam ahead in this endeavor. Despite the impediments posed by the pandemic, the market demand remains strong. To better serve high-quality buyers with strong purchasing needs around the world yet are unable to attend the fair in person, Chinaplas 2022 has introduced CPS+ eMarketplace, an online sourcing and business matching platform. The platform will break the limitation of time and space, with rich content, and offer brand-new functions and experiences, such as niche and specific products and application classification, "first-launched technologies" and "hot search" tags. The platform is equipped with functions such as intelligent search, the release of purchasing information, promoting targeted and efficient supply throughout the industry chain. It is expected to be officially launched in January 2022. Furthermore, the fair will be live-streamed to allow overseas visitors to experience it online with just a click of the mouse.

Under the theme of "New Era· New Potential· Innovation for Sustainability", Chinaplas 2022 will return to the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Hongqiao, Shanghai, during April 25-28, 2022. "It dates back to 2018 when the last edition of Chinaplas was held in Shanghai", Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services said. "We miss everyone very much and are excited to return after four years. We look forward to having a long-awaited reunion. More than 4,600 companies have reserved booths, which reflects strong market demand. Exhibitors are actively developing new products to be displayed at Chinaplas 2022 in response to the rapid changes and new market demands. We keep a close eye on the profound market changes and focus on the emerging user needs, and are fully committed to presenting an even exciting event".

Publication date: 19/01/2022


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