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SPE CE calls for 2022 automotive award submissions

Since 1990, the Society of Plastics Engineers Central Europe (SPE CE), also known as the International Society for Plastics Technology, has regularly presented winning applications at its automotive award night events in Neuss, Germany, near Düsseldorf.

It has also been a long tradition for SPE CE to also hold an automotive awards night in Neuss just before each K Show trade fair in Düsseldorf. So the 21st automotive awards night will be held there again on Oct. 17, just two days before K 2022 opens on Oct. 19.

This presents yet another opportunity for vehicle producers, system suppliers, plastics processors, raw material producers, tool and machine manufacturers, engineering and design offices to submit applications for the automotive awards. SPE CE calls for them to apply by April 22, using the application form that can be downloaded from website.

With exception of the enabler technologies category, all other submissions in the categories of new mobility, body interior, body exterior, chassis/structural, powertrain and electrical/optical parts are required to involve a car in regular production, as does the winner of the grand innovation award. The same restriction applies to the new sustainability category, which was introduced at the 20th automotive awards night.

As at many previous SPE CE events, Plastics News will attend the 21st automotive awards night, in order to publish details in one of our K Show Daily issues which will be distributed at K 2022, as well as being published on the PN website.

Many nominations and awards involved sustainability aspects. One winner in the new sustainability category in September 2021 was an Audi upper B-column trim molded by Montaplast for Lear Corp. with 100 percent post consumer PET yarn decor and an Almaak Anjacom 75 percent recycled polycarbonate/ABS RO50/75S backmolded core molding.

Another was a Jaguar i-Pace front end carrier overmolding in 30 percent glass-fiber-reinforced nylon 6, with the polymer produced out of pyrolysis oil derived from waste plastic in BASF's ChemCycling chemical recycling technology.

Publication date: 31/01/2022

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