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Australia launches VinylCycle Label to recognise and reward use of recycled PVC

This week marks the launch of the new VinylCycle Label, representing a collaborative partnership between the GECA to verify recycled PVC content claims, encourage uptake of recycled PVC and product design innovation.

× Australia launches VinylCycle Label to recognise and reward use of recycled PVC The VCA, in conjunction with GECA and with consultation from VCA members and the broader PVC, or vinyl, industry, has developed 'The Specifications for the Verification of Recycled PVC Content Claims in PVC Products'. The primary purpose of the specifications is to define criteria for the verification of products claiming to be made wholly or partially from recycled PVC or vinyl.

Claims shall consist of the manufacturer or distributor indicating the minimum percentage of recycled PVC content in a particular product range. VinylCycle is available to applicants claiming at least 10 per cent of the PVC compound (by weight) constitutes recycled PVC.

Vinyl Council CEO Sophi MacMillan said: "We are pleased to be able to work in collaboration with GECA to authenticate claims and we hope the label plays a role in supporting the Federal Government's ReMade in Australia campaign through providing means for identification and recognition of products with PVC recyclate." 

To verify a VinylCycle claim, a GECA technical specialist checks all documentation to ensure credibility. GECA is widely respected and recognised in Australia and globally by green building schemes, including Green Star, LEED, IS Rating Scheme, theInternational WELL Building Institute, NABERS, and many procurement channels in government, education, hospitality, business, and the consumer sector.  

GECA CEO Michelle Thomas added: "We're thrilled to be partnering with VCA to launch the VinylCycle label. Together we aim to recognise those VCA members adopting circular solutions by using recycled PVC in their products. At GECA, our role is to ensure that claims of recycled

Publication date: 14/02/2022

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