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K.D. Feddersen to distribute mechanically recycled ABS/PC

Hamburg-based distributor K.D. Feddersen is now selling ELIX Polymers' E-LOOP H801 MR, the first mechanically recycled ABS/PC from the Spanish plastics producer. × ELIX has combined its circular economy activities under the new brand E-LOOP, divided into recycled plastics and sustainable innovations. E-LOOP H801 MR is an ABS/PC that contains mechanically recycled polycarbonate from post-industrial sources. As a result, the blend produced has equivalent properties to the reference material ELIX ABS H801, which is mainly used for demanding interior and exterior applications in the automotive industry. In tests based on the standards "Daimler DBL 5425" and "BMW GS94007", the paintability of the material was tested with various paint systems and described as equal to the standard product in all cases.

According to the manufacturer further sustainable ABS products using recycled or renewable raw materials are already in the pipeline and will soon be added.

"We are pleased to take another step together with our partners and customers in terms of sustainability. Our portfolio will be complemented by another resource-saving product with excellent product properties," says Hermann Legatzki, Head of Product Management at K.D. Feddersen.

The distributor sells ELIX products in Germany and many other European countries.

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Publication date: 27/03/2022

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