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South Korean trio to launch tire pyrolysis project

GWANGJU CITY, South Korea—SK Energy and SK Networks have partnered with retread tire producer Daeho Industries Co. Ltd. to establish a waste-tire pyrolysis business, the Korean companies have announced.

On April 15, the trio signed a business agreement at Daeho's factory in Hanam industrial complex, Gwangju Metropolitan City to "push ahead" with the project.

Under the agreement, the partners will "review measures to improve the collection and supply system of waste tires in South Korea and assess the feasibility of the pyrolysis process that creates carbon black and pyrolysis oil."

The three companies will check the potential of the establishment and operation of a pyrolysis oil plant in consideration of the growth prospect of a circular economy utilizing the waste tires.

Moreover, they plan to look further into several other measures to use the pyrolysis oil and the recovered carbon black (rCB) that are produced from pyrolyzing the waste tires.

Publication date: 25/04/2022

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